Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide: Narrowing Down Option


Great vacuum cleaners made easy to use and clean well. Although, in today’s hurly-burly market, those basic functionalities are not anymore become the key selling point. Many of modern homeowners crave more to their vacuum machine, not just for those of basic functionalities, but they want such of advancement that aid them to do more jobs efficiently without lacks versatility and style. Answering to the necessities, many of well-known brands have already released the models with such of innovative advancement. In unison, this condition creates a new rivalry in the vacuum cleaner market with the consequence of immersing of new products different in styles and with diverse key selling points. In the context of buyers, now they have to become smart shoppers.

Buying for a vacuum cleaner today, it means you are entering into a daunting world with tons of options. To find one best that suits to your need, a little prep will help you narrow down the options. On top of that, in the end of your quest, you can easily find which one that the most right without worries of over budgeting.

Know the Best Type of Vacuum Cleaner Right for You

Fortunately, you can easily start your quest by determining the type. Each of type comes with speciality and some designed for a specific purpose like reaching under the table, vacuuming fixture, pet hair, wet & dry surface, pet hair, suction around stairs and much more. Sort of them has an all-around function with convertible design.

Here are the most common types of vacuum cleaner available in the market today:

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

best-upright-vacuum-cleanerPhysically, upright vacuum cleaners have a definite characteristic: they sit in an upright position. Upright styles are the models commonly used by most homeowners. The upright design provides one subtle benefit that you don’t need to bend down while doing the chores. Generally, an upright vacuum cleaner equipped with foot lever that allows you to adjust the angle of the machine for improved manoeuvrability.

Features can vary between one and another. Some of them are has a built-in bag and the other is bagless. Upright vacuum cleaners work well for cleaning deep carpet and bare floors, as they are commonly equipped with wider swath than the other models. Upright vacuum cleaners lift debris and dust as the way you expect. Only the downside, due to their tall figure, you need enough storage space to put them when not in use. They are also prone to the weight that might not suitable for some elderly.

It also good decisions to take away an upright vacuum cleaner if you have wide bare floor to clean. They can perform fast in that situation.

Push and pull the machine

Cylinder / Canister Vacuum Cleaners

best-cylinder-vacuum-cleanerCylinder vacuum cleaner can perform a wide variety cleaning tasks compared to the upright models. It’s designed with a separate power head to the dustbin or the cylindrical container (canister) make the types of vac machine are easy to lift and move. The flexible hose allows you working on the ground and at height. They work well on stairs, drapes, bare floors, windows, carpet, as well as under furniture.
The design of cylinder vacuum cleaners is also the shortcoming when brought down to clean wide of bare floors, as you need to lift the canister more often to reach the areas. The bulky size of the canister is another problem for people with cramped storage space.

Increased mobility for awkward areas by simply lifting the canister

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Like to the upright models, but the stick vacuum cleaners are best-stick-vacuum-cleanersmaller. They perform as good quality suction to their upright counterparts. Many of them come with no accessories and additional attachments. Stick vacuum cleaners are great alternative for those with less strength of arm. Most of them are also light in weight make them suitable cleaners for the elderly. They work in the upright position, so it doesn’t ask their users to bend down while doing the chores.

Stick vacuum cleaners many of them are cordless, so they can go where the corded models cannot. Then, what is the downside? You can guess what, they might lack in power when faced to the deep-cleaning carpets.

Best on upright hard floor cleaning

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

best-handheld-vacuum-cleanerThe handheld vacuum is handy to tackle small jobs like cleaning car’s interior as well as useful for quick surface cleaning. They are also less expensive in the case of the price. You may also find handheld vacuum cleaner within an all-in-one vacuum. The convertible models with handheld vacuum provide great versatility and great suction performance. The cordless models of the handheld are much more preferred than the corded models.

Because of their tiny size, they are also light in weight.

For various small cleaning tasks with great mobility especially for the cordless models

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Central Vacuum Cleaners

best-central-vacuum-cleanerThe central vacuum cleaner is not a perfect solution for everyone, but this is a great investment for higher air quality throughout your home. Central vacuum cleaner systems have unique benefits that are worth for the finest lifestyle. In general, central vacuum systems provide powerful performance, unique system installation with increased efficiency to suck dust and any allergen around the home. The central vacuum uses a base power unit that installed in the convenient location of your house with the seamless canister placed in the safe location. It equipped the tube and power head that send the debris back into the canister.

The Central vacuum cleaner is a better solution to the portable one especially if you plan to add some of the resale value to your home or apartment.

The need-to-know consequent, things to know when considering a central vacuum cleaner including the budget of installation, maintenance and hiring professional cost.

Simple solution for high demand of heavy duty vacuuming

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

best-robotic-vacuum-cleanerRobotic vacuum cleaner performs well for an uncluttered room with the small mess to tidy up. It works while you are relaxing. Their intelligent planted programs and sensors make them have the ability to take over your role on detecting debris and dust. The advanced models may come with various cleaning modes and the newest sort of them provides you better remote function through an app on your smartphone.

Robotic is very expensive in price and has a lower level of cleaning performance collated to the best models of upright and cylinder. Most of them are also not as good as their manual counterpart for deep cleaning.

It can be the most of your viable choice as your supplement power tool anticipating at some time you hate vacuuming.

Just let them go

Convertible Vacuum Cleaners

Convertible is the sort of multi vacuum machine that enables best-convertible-vacuum-cleanerusers to get different types of vacuum cleaners at much-reduced cost than buying separately. Some of them are convertible from stick to handheld and some are convertible from upright into a cylinder. Convertible vacuum cleaners equipped with a long list of accessories and attachments provide you more than one cleaning options. They are extremely versatile to clean to almost surface within your house.

Convertible vacuum cleaners are also available in corded and cordless models.

Tackle to most cleaning tasks

Other Considerations before Making a Final Decision

After knowing the array of different types of vacuum models, there are still a couple of things to consider before you make a decision.

Bagless vs. Bagged

Quick compare on Baggless vs. Bagged vacuum cleaner
Shopping for a cylinder or an upright vacuum cleaner people often faced dilemmatic options to which the model with bag or dustbin disposal mechanism. Vacuum machine with a bag tends to work longer because the bag can hold more dust. Nevertheless, the lack of the full indicator making it harder to tell when the bag needs to be emptied. It also you need to have more often found the bag replacement as the bag is useless after several frequent uses.

On the opposite hand, the bagless vacuum cleaner supplied with a transparent bin that tells you easily when you need to empty the container. You can also use the bin in countless time. The weakness, the bagless vacuum cleaner requires a filter that you require to change it regularly.

Which one is the best? That’s all of the matter of your preference as both ends you to the routine part displacement. A filter is more expensive but can make a stand for a long time of period. In contrast, a bag is much cheaper but they need to change more frequently.

Noise Level

As a traditional consequent working with a vacuum cleaner, your tool might produce a loud noise. Sure, you can eliminate this matter by shopping a right vacuum machine. The cylinder/canister models produce less noise than the other types. If you have money, a central vacuum cleaner is the best and the quietest sort as their unique systems.

Pet Hair Tool

Homeowners with a pet they have a never-ending battle to clean up the countless pet hair whether it is on the upholstered surface, floor, or somewhere. Especially for this challenge, when shopping for a vacuum cleaner – regardless of the type – they have to put this function above everything. There are numbers of vacuum models that specialized in picking up pet hair.

Wet & Dry Capability

Vacuum cleaner with wet & dry capability mostly found with the cylinder models. They are designed to tackle such of toughest household messes. This capability can easily lift up sawdust in your patio or spills in the kitchen.