UK Best Cordless SDS Hammer Drill for DIY Enthusiasts

Special Direct System (SDS) drills are the most versatile types of drill every DIY enthusiast requires for heavier jobs like drilling concrete, stone, and metals. Because of their heavy-duty characteristics, they could be really cumbersome to accomplish small tasks of drilling.

Most of SDS plus hammer drills come with 3 modes of operations which allow us to use the tool for drilling only, hammering only or drilling plus hammering. In the drilling plus hammering mode, the tools are slower but really powerful. They can easily make demolition into the surface. If you plan to learn quickly how masonry works, SDS hammer drill could be the right partner. SDS hammer drill also considered as the best rotary hammer drill for concrete.UK Best Cordless SDS Hammer Drill

Quick List of Best Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill:

Few examples of DIY enthusiasts can do with SDS hammer drill:

  • Light demolition like chip away concrete walls
  • Cleanup old tiles using chisel bit
  • Removing brick
  • Drill metal
  • Drill concrete
  • Drill hard and thick wood

Like the other drills, SDS hammer drills are also available in corded and cordless models. For individuals who expect hassle-free machine, the cordless models are the best. You can follow our journey finding sort of the best available to purchase online. Before that, here are some keys to determine the best cordless SDS hammer drill that fit your needs:

  • Only shop for the models with known battery quality. The double battery is a good idea.
  • SDS hammer drill blow rate (measured in bpm) higher means better-outputted energy
  • Speed gearbox setting if available
  • Torque setting numbers you need to get the job done perfectly
  • Has ideal weight
  • Come with forward and reverse rotation direction
  • Locking device system (manual/auto spindle lock)
  • Come with safety clutch (safety clutch is the foremost feature to look for. It functions to cut the power if the bit is jammed. The jammed bit can cause serious problem into the drill and could harm users from the uncontrolled wrenching action).
  • Other features could be necessary to increase the level of convenience including soft grip handle, electric brake, and depth stop setting.

Our Pick of Best Cordless SDS Hammer Drill


One of the most innovative, powerful and long-last product equipped with 2×4.0Ah Li-Ion batteries for creating up to 220 concrete holes with one charge. Enhancing the battery life, it equipped with CoolPack technology to throw out the heat immediately. In result, it is the best among other products without CoolPack.

It comes standard with chisel function for optimized light demolition duties. The drills from Bosch are familiar with its outstanding SDS-plus fitting mechanism of the tool-holder, so it will ease users to change the tool with different drill bits. This is an excellent pick for those expecting a more than functions but value especially of the battery runtime and life.

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Hitachi DH36DAL 36V / Hitachi DH18DBL/J4 18V

Although the model is not a new in the Hitachi SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer hierarchy, it serves well since years ago. Today, we may assume it a little bit obsolete, but in fact, it is not at all. Hitachi DH36DAL has a unique two drilling mechanism which let you drill in Save Power Mode and Power Mode. For the highest speed drilling on concrete, the Power Mode serves maximum performance. When you turn out into smaller drill bit it is great to select Save Power Mode which acts slower.

If you are trying such of bulky equipment, then there still great alternative from the newer Hitachi model like the DH18DBL series. DH18DBL comes with similar performance unless for its impact rate. It means the latter is a bit slower to bore concrete.

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DeWalt 18V XR DCH253M2

When you are looking for power and precision, then go no further. The model from DeWalt is kind of a rarity in the class. Innovation and solid-built quality become two keys you can consider. The first appeal come from its 2×4.0Ah 18V ensure you achieve longer runtime. SHOCKS Active Vibration Control gives you maximum comfort. Variable speed feature gives you more versatility. 360-degree side handle function helps you tackle cores in the tight space. In addition, the LED light becomes one of unique feature for maximum visibility when you work in low light condition.

DeWalt 18V XR DCH253M2 offers three modes of operations for drilling only, hammering only (paired with chisel drill bit) or hammering + rotary drilling.

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Makita DHR202RM1J / Makita DHR242Z

Little bit fall short in the case of the battery running time but deserve well for heavy-duty short jobs. There no doubt of the technology and quality of both product, but they don’t come with the 2x battery. Makita DHR202RM1J comes with 1×4.0Ah 18V battery as the pair. The DHR242Z is better with 1×5.0Ah battery which considered run longer. However, both of them still fall short of the models come with 2×4.0AH batteries.

Also, our note is both of product doesn’t come with brushless motor, so they worth for every penny you spend for less frequent cores.

For the price, they already come with complete feature and potent drilling/chiselling capability as the benefit of Makita technology.

Last update was in: February 5, 2021 7:41 pm