UK Best Cordless Grass Trimmer for DIY Gardener


cordless grass trimmer
Cordless grass trimmer tends to be more expensive, but when thinking double about the size of the garden, the less expensive corded sibling can do nothing unless you give it an extended cable to run-off the mains. Speaking of this reality and speciality, cordless grass trimmer is irreplaceable and its advent should be prioritized unless you want to spend some more on gas-powered models. Expensive is only a matter of angle of view from whether you need it or not.

Today’s modern sphere flooded with new comers and wide-array models of cordless grass trimmers. Some of them have unique refinement and technologies that everyone not yet aware. Through the list has given you will find one of them.

Bosch ART 30-36 LI

This is one of the best types in the Bosch lineup up to this time with features more than adequate to accomplish a larger task. Although ART 30-36 is not a sole option in the list, this is really capable and durable gardening gadget. On the heart of its cordless system is a powerful 2.6 Ah 36V battery, giving a perfect cut to tougher growth areas. Buyers would not lack the beneficial value of after purchase, as the tool uses an interchangeable battery with other Bosch 36V power tool.

Another feature to look for is the semi-auto spool (1.6 mm x 6 m) that will ensure you enjoy every single stretch of the line each time you turn on the tool without the need of hassle bumping. In the business, the system is also called as auto fed. It uses twin line spool as cutting become faster.

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Black + Decker 36V Cordless Grass Trimmer

When visiting a store or browse online for cordless grass trimmer, you know, Black + Decker is a brand hard to miss. Yes, you can’t miss brilliant innovation and the concept behind the tool. Just prevailing to this model, there are four features to consider. The first is the Black + Decker’s E-Drive technology that provides high-torque gearing system for an improved cutting rate. Second, users can maximize the battery runtime based on the grass condition through Power Select. Third, you can also convert the tool from trimming into edging easily. Fourth, is the plenty power outputted by Black + Decker’s 36V robust battery.

More than of that, this is a solid-built garden gadget offered at a very interesting price.

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Black +Decker 36V Brushless

This is another Black + Decker’s flagship in the market, offers the brushless electric motor technology. This technology is now the most popular behind of modern power hand tools. The unique system which called as a contactless electronic controller avoids frictions that induce over heat. In the traditional brushed motor, overheating will reduce the component durability and decrease the battery life. When paired with the 2.0Ah 36V battery, the grass trimmer can produce a powerful cutting and immersive 1 hour running time.

Behind of this powerful machine are including E-Drive Technology as the key of torque, automatic feed system, and variable speed from 0 to 7200 rpm.

Talking about the price, you will be surprised because there only few contender offering the similar features and attainable tag. All features help you save time and effort for a tidy look lawn anytime and anywhere.

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Worx WG169E GT2

This is for you if you think that something different is worth to try. Worx WG169E GT2 brought lots of appeal since its release and seems going stand out in the crowd for the couple next years. It doesn’t only pack main functions of grass trimmers, but also better customizations addressed to those want to present such convenience while doing chores. It offers even much better flexibility rather than handling a stiff stick.

What do you expect from a grass trimmer? Is that to tidy up parts of the garden that mower can’t or a merely keeping the sidewalks neat? We assume you will need of both.

What’s become a fact, all grass trimmers can tackle such of the jobs, but the particular machine has speciality just like Worx WG169E GT2. This machine has brilliant aid wheels for edging and small mowing becomes easier.

Only the downside, this machine packs smaller battery capacity, which means only best for small coverage.

Qualcast Cordless Grass Trimmer

You have to check it out if you need an efficient small cordless grass trimmer! Qualcast has a surprise to tell remembering of its affordable price, that’s the in line edging function with the wheel. It is easy to draw a border in your lawn with the guide wheel.

Helping you work in comfort, Qualcast comes with the soft-grip handle and a quickly adjustable shaft.

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The Verdict

Of all these options, they are the best in the class with undoubted reliability and quality. Worx WG169E GT2 is suitable for lighter jobs to get done flawlessly. Bosch ART 30-36 LI and both Black + Decker are serious machines ready to slice into the dense. The Qualcast is one among the rarity in the group. You have to check it out before running off the stock.