UK Best Chainsaw Boots Reviews


Chainsaw boots designed to be a specialist for cut protection. They might comprise the similar materials as the other safety footwear, but with the addition of special features like good grip, toe cap, protective guarding to the front, and midsole.

UK Best Chainsaw Boots ReviewsIn the past, chainsaw boots are identical for use of professionals and chainsaw operator in the forestry working environments. Along with the development and evolution in the chainsaw manufacturer, the number of chainsaw users increasing rapidly. One of strategic marketing segment is the DIY enthusiasts, who need such of smaller and more practical machines. Chainsaw safety gears are things they need to buy after shopping for an i.e. small 25-cm cordless chainsaw. The boots can cost higher than a small chainsaw, but your feet safety is non-negotiable.

There are things to consider for an appropriate chainsaw boot that fit your needs, which can be according to one these several aspects:

  • Boot design: is your ankle will fit the boot comfortably from a various condition of walking surface and rough terrain.
  • Evaluate the risk of foot injury from hot/cold exposure.
  • Evaluate if the work environment has slippery walking surfaces. Consider the right sole type.
  • Liquids and water can penetrate the footwear causing harm to foot or footwear. To prevent the risk of exposure to water you can find the waterproof boot.

Most safety shoes have symbols on the outside, this is for chainsaw

best safety chainsaw footwear uk


The symbol will help you determine which boot is appropriate for forestry workers and others who work with or around handheld chainsaws and other cutting tools i.e. grinder, oscillating tools, etc.

Our recommendation of the best chainsaw boots:

Meindl Airstream Chainsaw Boots

One of the most popular chainsaw boots and considered one of the best today! We come up with an entry-level model of Meindl chainsaw boots meet to the Class 1 (20 m/s) chainsaw protection. The model incorporates unique features like Meindl Air Revolution System that makes your foot stay cool in the hot season and warm in winter. Memory foam added to increase the level of comfort. While the Vibram sole gives strong grip to any surface. GORE-TEX technology carried to resist 100% water entering to the boots.

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Cofra Power Chainsaw Safety Leather Boots

Special chainsaw boot from Cofra incorporates unique features: attractive design, reliable grained leather, perfect lining, and heavy-duty chainsaw cut protection. Ensuring your comfort, it supplied with soft PU footbed and cloth cover. It is perfect for extreme cold/hot condition working areas with up to 300-Celcius degree resistant. Providing you with the highest standard safety from the rotating chains is the special protection in the forepart made by the non-metallic APT plate.

Last update was in: February 19, 2021 4:48 pm
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CAT Men’s Footwear Supremacy

DIY enthusiasts should check this out. If you want good safety footwear in term of style and basic protective degree, then this CAT is for you. The boot is not suitable for heavy-duty works. For DIYers with small chores like trimming and topping, the boot gives extra safety. The model is available in different size starting from 6-12 UK.

The inner textile covers adding level of comfort whilst you prolong the jobs in around home, and garden. At the outside, it boasts durable leather outer material.

Last update was in: February 19, 2021 4:48 pm

⇒What should I know more about safety footwear?

Working with a chainsaw, regardless of the size, will always put you at risk for feet injury. This is why you have to wear the appropriate protective footwear. Safety footwear classified into different categories based on their protective range against a wide variety of injuries.

Especially for chainsaw boot, you can refer to the European standard EN 381 (Protection against Hand-Held Chainsaws) that complies with protective clothing for chainsaw users. There are four classes to describe the quality of the safety footwear correspond to the chain speed with which the tests have been done by the company on the specific product.

  1. Class 0 = 16 m/s
  2. Class 1 = 20 m/s
  3. Class 2 = 24 m/s
  4. Class 3 = 28 m/s

In this article, you can find various models of chainsaw boots with a different class. To find the model with the best protection system, you can refer to the product description and read whether they sit in Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3.

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Haix Protector Forrest Gore-Tex

Haix Protector Gore-Tex made to the highest standard chainsaw boots, designed for both professional and DIY enthusiast. The model features GORE-TEX performance with four-lamination technology creating the best in-class safety footwear to resist water from the outside. The breathable technology makes it one of the most comfortable safety shoes to use in hazardous working environments.

It perfected with the Kevlar class 2 on the toe, which results in incredible cut protection (24 m/sec). In addition, the high-quality materials enhance the pairs to withstand all seasons’ weather, extreme conditions and chemicals.

In the lowest part, it supplied with sturdy VIBRAM rubber sole with anti-slip and rugged profile. The sole is also resistant to the oil, heat and gasoline.

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Husqvarna Leather Chainsaw Boots

If you want the best, you can start looking for products from the leading manufacturer like Husqvarna. The model is a leather boots comes with saw protection meet to the Class 2 European standard EN 381 (24 m/s). It also incorporates Sympatex materials, makes it perfect waterproof leather boots you can find at an attainable price. 5 hook provided for quick adjustment.

Last update was in: February 19, 2021 4:48 pm
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Lavoro Boots

We come with two choices from Lavoro, Sherwood and Daintree. The Sherwood model, a heavy-duty chainsaw boot comprises of the highest standard manufacture process and recommended materials ideal for working in the forestry and tree surgery, suitable for professional workers. Sherwood model rated with Class 3 (28 m/s) for its protective degree against rotating blade. The second model Daintree is the cheaper and perfect for a DIY enthusiast who put their priorities to use a small chainsaw in the friendlier environment.

All of the Lavoro footwear features waterproof Sympatex linings to keep your feet dry all day long regardless of the weather, making it suitable to take on the work site with high water influence. As the footbeds, all Lavoro boots comprise the Clima Cork adding comfort to your feet on the prolonged use. All made in Portugal.

Ruber sole delivers strong grips to any surface increasing your safety whilst handling the chainsaw.