Successful Composting Using Various Compost Maker


Series of activities in the processing green waste into more useful substance has been taught to us by nature. The technology advent even makes the process simpler and quicker. Take an example of bokashi composting. Using the method even we are able to make batch compost and keep the budget as tight as possible. Think of Japanese and Indonesian farmers, they are two example of successful doer changing expensive chemical fertilizer into organic fertilizer using bokashi composting principle with effective microorganism technology.

Successful Composting Using Various Compost Maker

DIY enthusiasts now have better alternative for composting in smaller capacity. Rotating compost tumbler, compost bin and other composter mechanism have been popular in recent years. Here, we are going to reveal the simplest and the most successful way of composting using popular compost maker.

However there is one bold and big question often time proposed by candidate buyers of compost maker, that’s how they can figure out a perfect one that make good compost, meanwhile the hypes always said that’s “this and that compost maker will keep everything clean, and at approximately 2 week intervals, the composter will reward you a rich compost.” That’s, some people end with hopeless after their first expensive purchase on the “highest-made” rotating composting tumbler.

Now you don’t need to do what they did wrong. Rotating compost maker, compost bin and other similar composter, no matter they looks like or shaped, they will work. However, here are some to notice for faster and successful composting as you are expecting.

Remember 4R to Successful Using Various Compost Maker:

Right Shredded, Right Moist, Right Piling Time, and Right Compost Starter

Using these methods, composting process will take shorter period of time. In general they will be ready to mulch around garden or move out of the tumbler/bin in 3 weeks to 1 month.

Shred or Chop it

Successful composting is depending on the shape of organic materials to put into the pile. The bigger or thicker materials like banana peel take longer time to unravel. So, the best way to get the web of microbes to decompose the green materials, we have to first shred the materials into small pieces.

Control Moist Level

The main causes of composting failure allegedly to a wrong moisture level. The melt produced by the process of decomposing can cause the materials too wet. If they are too wet then they will start to stink and compost will not happen. In the opposite hand, they should not getting too dry, as dry will stop them breaking down.It’s a bit hard to control the moisture when using a compost bin because you have to give a hand to turn over manually.

Using tumbling composter or compost tumbler it will much easier.Tips when you see the pile is getting too wet, all of you need give immediate control using shredded newspaper or wood stove pellets. They are cheap and very effective to reduce moist.

Piling Time

The piling time will also determine how fast the decomposition cycle. It’s much easier having batch number of materials at a time rather than gradual piling. When you pile the materials gradually, then one possibility is it will take longer time because the new raw ingredients are just starting the cycle while the old pile already on its half way. Stop adding more stuff when you start composting.

Compost Starter

All of us agree that each of green waste contain living organisms. The time speaks by itself when they have to destroy and turn the waste into another substance. For sure, we can make compost without any starter, but how long that will happen, a year? We have to trigger the living organisms and boost the decomposing process.

Aerobic Vs Anaerobic Composting both requires the different compost starter. As we see now most of composting tumbler and compost bin is designed for aerobic composting (easy to recognize with holes somewhere on the body of the bin for aeration). If you’re planning to go for these ‘popular’ compost bin, then most of compost starter for them are generally sold as a powder.

On the contrary, anaerobic compost bin doesn’t have holes for aeration then if you want this method like in bokashi, the right starter compost is the effective microorganism (EM) sold in the form of liquid. Of course you can also mix powder compost starter with EM as long as you can keep the moisture at the right level.

Why DIY Enthusiast Need to Make Homemade Compost?

Autumn is the busy time for homeowners cleaning up of the fallen leaves. The leaves won’t stop bothering as they are gradually producing waste until the end of the season. Here then leaf blower uncontested useful to make raking leaves quicker. Some people prefer to pick them up with “collect function” of lawn mower then put into the pile barely on the empty land to let them back processed by nature into rich soil.

Now you can figure out how much cost you need to spend for ready-use compost? In today’s market you’ll see surprising digits of up to £100 per 30 kg of horse manure compost. Believe us, you can make your own with half of the cost for similarly good hundred-kilos compost using kitchen waste, fallen leaves, and other organic materials like saw dust, tissue, backyard-kitchen manure, shredded paper and many more.

All of you need is to collect them, put into compost tumbler, mix them with good compost starter or EM and let them show you a miracle.

Getting Out of Control of Keep Coming Kitchen Waste?

It must be dilemmatic, seeing around lots of kitchen waste every day, meanwhile we must be tough to get finish compost in a week. If you have this problem, then pick of one of these tips to handle overcoming kitchen waste:

  • Buy two composting tumblers or dual compartment composter and fill one while the other cooking.
  • Buy backup bin or big plastic bag to locate the waste into queue before you can throw them all into composting tumbler / composting bin.

Below are links to the products on that may be good for you. We think of the composting tumblers suggested below is enough for batch composting and they have brilliant rotating system, so it will let you to have full control on keeping the right moisture of the piles. Otherwise, there are lighter and small compost bin too.

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