Single-Sided vs. Double-Sided Hedge Trimmers


On the market these days, hedge trimmers are varying in many aspects. Relating to the topic, hedge trimmers divided into two categories: the model equipped with a double-sided blade and the model equipped with a single-sided blade. It has become such of the common basic question of why and for what someone has to choose one of the models. So herein, we come with a brief summary of the differences between the two and on which situations double-sided and single-sided hedge trimmer will serve you best for your needs.

The Most Common Type of Hedge Trimmers Available in the Market

When the public opinion headed our mind to stack up on one model of the blade is the best, albeit of the fact, in truth both of two has their superiorities and weaknesses. However, we can’t hide from the fact that by far the most common type of hedge trimmer is the models with a double-sided blade. Of course, this situation comes with a logic reason. Hedge trimmers are not only pieces of machine required by professional gardeners in commercial uses. They are available in wide variety of sizes including long reach hedge trimmers, power and prices appeal, the majority of which feature a lightweight design and cordless versatility oriented for DIY gardeners and homeowners. For such of domestic uses the double-sided hedge trimmers provides versatility to take on various tasks with less hassle.

In the opposite hand, the single-sided hedge trimmers withstood as a model that offers finest cutting performance for long and straight hedgerows.

Double-Sided Hedge Trimmers

There are several reasons why double-sided hedge trimmers are much more preferable than single-sided ones. As the versatility is the biggest consideration for most people, double-sided hedge trimmers’ configuration is to tackle from the lightest duties in general-use trimming to the precision shaping and topiary in ornamental gardens. Their ability to cut with either side is giving chance for users to use the machine in the awkward place and in confined places such as trimming corners. They can quickly change the cut direction without limitation to the blade coverage as both sides have similar cutting performance.

Double-sided hedge trimmers available in various models with a wide variety of cutting performance. Those expect for routine work around the garden, the cordless models generally come in small size and lightweight unit. For heavier duty, there are corded electric and petrol models. Particularly to the corded electric hedge trimmers, many of them equal to the petrol hedge trimmers in overall power, but the corded electric hedge trimmers are prone to have a limitation of the power cord length for wider areas of the garden.

The great instance of the cordless hedge trimmers is the Bosch AHS 41 Accu 14.4 V NiCD. The advanced removable NiCD battery offers plenty power to drive the trimmer up to 55 minutes on a full charge to trim up to 25 meters of hedge length. This is a lightweight unit weighing at only 2.5 kg ideal for routine garden maintenance.
Double-Sided Hedge Trimmers

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Single-Sided Hedge Trimmers

In some of the specific circumstance, single-sided hedge trimmers give significant advantages. Many experts and owners agree that the single-sided hedge trimmers are easier for tackling mature growth, big hedges, and thick branches. They are characterized by wide tooth pitch and a long bar that holds a single blade. Because of its only one-side blade, the models are also lighter and easier to operate.

Single-sided hedge trimmers are popular models for the commercial users who struggle on trimming for prolonged periods of time. Shopping for this category is much easier as they are not too many options to narrow down.

Among the popular name brands, Husqvarna 226HS99S is the instance of rugged single-sided blade hedge trimmer suitable for commercial uses. Husqvarna 226HS99S offers some benefits like powerful and super efficient X-Torq petrol engine. Husqvarna 226HS99S comes standard with a 75-cm cutting blade that can be extended to 108-cm, making it a solid choice for long-reach efficiency. The model also features an advanced gearing mechanism that prolongs the gear components under tough conditions. The sharp teeth and right teeth pitch making the machine can slice into the thickness easily. One another fact of the X-Torq engine is one instance of the smartly constructed engine that capable to reduce harmful exhaust emissions up to 75% while increasing the fuel efficiency by up to 20%.
Single-Sided Hedge Trimmers

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Another popular single-sided blade hedge trimmer is the G-Tech SL750B. G-Tech SL750B comes with the overall alluring performance of 22.5-cc 2-stroke petrol engine and the negotiable price even for homeowners. G-Tech SL750B design has an all-metal material quality that prolongs all machines components. It has a long 750-mm high-quality blade made from hardened steel.
Best Single Head Blade Hedge Trimmers

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Single vs. Double Cutting Action

Another important thing might be worth keeping in mind when shopping for a hedge trimmer is that noticing to the cutting action blade. First-time shoppers may confuse with single vs. double cutting action with double- and single-sided term, but they are something different. Cutting action on a hedge trimmer refers to the way in which blades move against one another. A hedge trimmer with double-action cutting means it has two moving blades. A hedge trimmer with the single-action blade has only one moving blade and one stationary blade.

Hedge trimmers with double-reciprocating blade considered stronger and produce a finer cut with less noise produced. On the contrary, the single-action hedge trimmers produce more vibration and louder noise. The good sides of models with a single-action blade are cheaper and easier to maintain.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, that is why we see that the most common hedge trimmers in these days are built- in with double-cutting action blade, regardless of the size, electric/petrol, or blade cutting width/length.

Finally, when you need to a rundown of which the model you can find easily in the market, then you may go for hedge trimmers with a double-sided blade with double-cutting action.