Robot Lawn Mower Buying Guide


Robot Lawn Mower Buyers GuideHere are few things to keep in mind when you shop for a robot lawn mower after you read some reasons of why you need a robot lawn mower.

Robot lawn mower come in various size and maybe function of technology that’s completely new to your life.  These aspects will help you determining the best robot lawn mower that not only help you but also make you comfortable.

Dealing to the Lawn Condition:

Be selective on choosing a robot lawn mower because not all of them can tackle complexity of garden. There are also spots cannot be reached by robotic mower just like around the tress and under fences. Other tool just like weedwacker or strimmer and brushcutter are required to accomplish the jobs.

Lawn Size

We can find all of the product description through poster, which tell us the capability of the mower. However, you have to look deeper what’re untold behind the paper and asking all about the real function to the seller or other experienced buyers. Their performances written in the product description sometime only prevail on ‘general’ condition.

Look at the example of one product. The description might tell us that the robot lawn mower will cut up to 500 m2 of lawn size with only one charge. The actual performance might different applied to undulating lawn areas.

Garden with Steep Bank

Lawn areas with steep bank or slopes require more powerful robot lawn mower. The mower should have good traction and power to handle slopes. To find one that fit to the jobs, there are several features to consider including grip of wheels, size of the wheels, ground clearance, and the size of the mower itself.

Also it is suggested to buy separate wheel spikes to add more traction in the damp areas. The smaller friction of the wheels into the grounds, make the mower run smoothly which finally extend the battery life.

Most of today’s automatic lawn mower features specific degree of handling slopes. Ask the seller for the real performance, so it is easier to get them back for refund if you find the opposite in reality.

Lawn Area Complexity

Because you’re not going to remodel you lawn, then the robot mower should be able to adjust to the condition of your lawn. Not all of them can suit to your needs. Homeowner of flat lawn areas might not worry of this, but it is excluded if they own lawn with flower beds or hedges.

Most of robot lawn mowers are using system of wires that mark the boundaries of the lawn areas. If you have separated lawn areas, it is a bit tricky to install the wires. The solution of robotic, you need the more advanced model that already comes with smarter sensors and doesn’t need wire perimeter to work.

Battery and Charging System:

The battery capacity of robot lawn mower determine of its running hours. The mower with better battery capacity, the more expensive they are. You might eliminate this battery capacity from your list as long as you pick the model that comes with automatic charging system.

There are two types of charging systems: base station and manual charging. The mower that comes with base station equipped with smart technology that automatically detecting when running out of power. It will return to the charging dock without your assistance to recharge and waiting for the next scheduled cut.

Automation System:

The automation is related to the complex system that makes the robot lawn mower work autonomously. The automation system determine the way the mower start, programmed, sensing objects or movement around it and act automatically using artificial technology that make the mower even smarter. Particularly for this case, you have freedom to suit to your needs.

For the optimum user’s convenience, you can go for the model that packs all of these smart technologies.

Manual or Programmable Start

With manual-start robot lawn mower you need to push the button to give command each time you want the robot to mow autonomously. The types with programmable-start offer you much flexibility. Once you program using time intervals, they will go off docking station and start mowing on the time already scheduled.

AI Technology

Many of robotic lawn mower already fitted with artificial intelligence, so they can make small decision like finding the closest path to the docking station, finding the best route for quicker mowing, stop working when see obstacle and more.

Weather Sensing Technology

Do you ever want a robot mower that keep working under heavy rain or drop weather? We think that will not happen. This is why most of robot lawn mower has smart technology such as rain detector. Some of them still working in the light rain but some of them will return to the charging station if the weather getting worst.

Moreover, most of manufacturer suggests bringing them inside in winter or heavy rain season, no matter how pricey they are. Cold weather has serious impact to the battery life.

Lawn Mapping Technology

Good to see that less expensive lawn mower today already comes with mapping technology. As you might want to know, most of mowers have planted memory so they work based on regular pattern to make cuts. With mapping technology, they are capable to draw the lawn outline just like in puzzling to determine the quickest and most effective path before they pass through and cut.

Great benefit of the technology, it will save time and battery power.

Smartphone Remote Control

The robot mower with this capability is also known as Wi-Fi-enabled robot mower. Users can program the mower via apps provided for Smartphone. With the advanced models, users can start/stop the mower via apps anytime they want, day or night.

Cutting System:

Just like conventional lawn mowers, robot lawn mowers also available with various blade systems. One thing that they miss, robot lawn mower can’t collect grass clipping, but yes for mulching. For best mulching quality, find for the model with right blade that mulch.

For optimum cutting quality, find for the model with dual blade or special blade.

Security and Safety System:

The absent of your assistant over the mower, may trigger unexpected possibilities to come. Pet and children are subjects who have possibility to interrupt of mowing activity in addition to the dangerous collision caused by the blade movement. For the cautious steps you have to think from the beginning. Think also of the theft.

Preventing children to approach the lawn is the good idea, but it is not effective. Therefore, pick robot lawn mower with outstanding safety system like blade cover or the model with smart collision detecting sensor that will stop by itself if the mower detect some curious activity near it.

For security concern, most of newer robot lawn mower has built-in with unique PIN protection and alarm system, so don’t miss the feature.

Robot Lawn Mower Upkeep and Maintenance:

Locate the nearest dealer in your location for immediate repair and best solution when you see something wrong with your robot lawn mower. Spare parts for robotic lawn mower could cost double, so give it to the right hand for repair. Remember that robot lawn mowers don’t only need regular servicing, but they also require software updates. Make sure your official dealers or workshop is qualified to handle of them.

For these particular reasons, then why it is important to only buy model from reliable name brand in the market.