Reasons Why You Need Robot Lawn Mower or not


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We all dream of having modern convenience do outwork for us, that’s why robot allegedly to be the subject doer in these modern sphere. Thinking of robot technology, a huge and vast development is now penetrating in almost all areas including garden and lawn care.

Robot mower is not new stuff in the industry (see: MowBot 1969). Europe’s biggest robot lawn mower maker, Husqvarna, rolled its first ‘Automower’ since 1995. Then following Bosch, introduced robo-mower in late 2012, according to

The long history of robot lawn mower brought us into right sphere, where the robots deserve to take place human-labored mowers sitting next to terrace at their eye-catching docking station.

However, there are still debates on automatic lawn mower of how they can tackle chores as tidy or as effective as conventional mowers. Here is rundown of Pros and Cons summed from users around the internet.

Pros as seen in many theories

Think about having relaxing spare time sitting on inflatable sofa while watching the mower substitute your effort. Or, remote them mowing automatically from your Smartphone while in the office busy time.

All theories speak loud about this: the huge selling factor of robotic lawn mower, they will save your time and effort. That’s a logic way of thinking and every busy buddy should put it into serious consideration.

No doubt of robot lawn mower can do, they are very good doer to mow up to half-acre land and ready to impress you such of glossy manicured grass.

The good things may include:

  • You don’t even need to assist the robot lawn mower to finish the job
  • Right choice for swanky people who don’t want wrestle in the dirt
  • No cabling means smaller risk but higher portability
  • No voice as it they are battery-powered automatic machine
  • Good news for allergy sufferers
  • No charging effort, as most of them fitted with smart sensor that makes them possible to go home when running out of power and charge itself.
  • Technology on today’s robot lawn mowers are dashing and stylish give meaning of modern world should be.
  • Manageable only to mow the areas within perimeters
  • Amazing gadgets for young family on their first home with lawn
  • Perfect for elderly who has not strong muscle to ride lawn tractor or walk passing through a tennis-wide lawn while pushing lawn mower. However, some of elderly are not always easy to learn something beyond of their age – smart technology. Therefore, many of them prefer to hire professional.

All of these good things sometime don’t work depend on the condition of the land site, and what cons say below.

Cons say that could be warning

Passionate home gardeners and DIY enthusiasts often time sees robot lawn mower is just like spoiled child especially when it suffers from damage and stop mowing. Furthermore, robo-mower can’t always be ready to work as you have to set everything once you need to mow from one area to another – think about the setup time need to prepare perimeter guide wire.

Remember, lots of DIY enthusiast and home gardeners require more than a routine, but also sweaty activity. With robotic lawn mowers, they should not dare even only have to imagine.

Newer robot lawn mowers may already sport more advanced technology without perimeter guide wire, but they are expensive. Moreover, when we talk in general, robot lawn mower is pricey compared to the gas- or battery-powered models (exception for ride-on mower and lawn tractor).

Safety issues and repair trouble become next two things to put into serious consideration. Robot lawn mowers are not easy to repair because not every repairman aware of the technology resides behind. Relating to the safety issues, not every house come with high safety system. Would you like to let the robot sits at outside while you’re leaving the door?

Wise Verdict

So if you are dreaming of robot lawn mower in every your single day, start from now you have to find second opinion just like we wrote. Avoid judging them only by their cool appearance and technologies.

Ask some question to yourself like: Is your situation possible to get ready for a show time? What will I do if something unexpected happen that stop the robotic lawn mower doing the chores?

If you are ready to operate one of the world’s big invention, start your quest into the world of innovation, and read some recommendation or buying guide from our team.