15 Jobs You Can Do with an Oscillating Multi Tool


For most DIYers, an oscillating multi tool is a problem solver. They can cope thousands cutting, grinding, sanding or scraping tasks. They are available in a wide range of choices offered from around tens to hundreds of pounds. More and more DIYers are using them. To inspire you how they are endlessly useful, here are brief introductions of the jobs that can be accomplished with an oscillating multi tool by taking benefits of the most familiar attachments.

Quick List of 15 Jobs You Can Do with an Oscillating Multi Tool

1. Remove Old Paint

Painting is one of few particular jobs for every homeowner should do. Unless you don’t do it for the first coat, you may face a few problems when removing the worn blistered and peeling paint on the surface. Therefore, before you can start spraying or paint brushing them with a new colour, what you should do at first is to get rid of the loose and blistered paints.

To remove the old paint is easier with an oscillating multi tool. You can take benefit of the sanding tool, which always becomes part of many oscillating multi tool attachments. You might start choosing the coarse-grit abrasive to removes the paint. To smooth the surface, you can continue polishing into your desired level of smoothness with the finer abrasive.

2. Trim Door Casings

At one particular moment when you need to fit the door casings with your new floor installation, an oscillating multi tool will be very helpful to fix it immediately without the need to a help from a repairman. You can cut the bottom ends of the door casing with a flush-cutting wood blade.

3. Smooth Wood Surface

Every oscillating multi tool equipped with sanding plates and some models have a wide array of them. The sanding sheet or plates are used to smooth wood, curves and bodywork depending on their size and materials. When they fitted to the finest abrasive surface, they can be used for clear top coat finishes. Most of them come in triangular-shaped sheets. The types are suitable for sanding board and flat surface. The smaller with pointed-shaped models are allows you to sand in narrow and tight corners.

In the market, you can easily find the models with a set of sanding sheet that contains more than 5 pieces of assortments. However, if you plan to work more often to sand surfaces, it is better you buy a complete set of sanding sheet through a separate purchase.

4. Cut Pipes

Sure, you can simply cut the plumbing pipes with the hacksaw or other cutting tools. However, hacksaw cannot cut the plumbing pipes in a very awkward area. Then here an oscillating multi tool gives the answer. From the attachment blade set, you can find one of the most appropriate to cut the pipes. You can quickly slice through metal, copper, and plastic pipes. Through a simple adjustment, you can set the blade into the right angle.

5. Salvage moldings

Whatever the reason you want to pry off the mouldings from your wall or other areas, with an oscillating multi tool, you can do it in a simple manner without damaging any surface. You can precisely and cleanly prying off the stick with a metal-cutting blade. Even it can cleanly slice through finishing nails.

This technique doesn’t require any advanced skills. Oscillating multi tools have a compact body unit and they are easy to use.

6. Cut Nails

Every of oscillating multi tools equipped with a metal-cutter blade which it allows you to cut such as nails, pins and much more. People are usually doing this to pry of mouldings from the windows, wall and furniture or cutting nails from the frame. Many of them are also has great blade quality for roofing nails.

In practice, you will need a trick to smooth your ways on cutting a very tough material as just like the nails. Only the oscillating tools have only two movement – back and forth – often they don’t work very well with buried nails – and even though you make a force you can still do it, but this action will shorten your blade life. The biggest problem is the heat outputted from the oscillating tool’s short stroke.

Sure, you can get around solving this weird situation by lubing up the blade with something i.e WD Lubricant or something else. Keep the blade wet and it will reduce the heat when the blades are on the high friction.

7. Remove Grout

An oscillating multi tool has one of the most beneficial attachments to remove stained or cracked tile grout. By the conventional method, peoples often do the job with a grinder. With the oscillating multi tool, it becomes faster and easier. One major difference to the oscillating multi tool, the grinder has a rotating movement, which may lead to untidy results. That also bad, grinder will throw the grout dust throughout the room. Once you are ready to clean the stain from the joint between wall tiles or floor tiles, you can simply attach the grout-removal blade into the main unit.

8. Remove Mortar

The biggest problem to fix the loose tiles is how to put it back tidily in its place, and it will not happen until you clean up the mortar in the subfloor and beneath the tiles itself. It has been not so easy before the oscillating multi tool invented. One of the attachments come along with oscillating multi tool has the speciality to do the job. This attachment sometimes called as a carbide-grit rasp. It also has a triangular shape. The rough characteristic of the carbide-grit rasp will eat the mortar and turn it into the dust within a matter of seconds.

9. Scrape Sealant

Many parts of the homes and furniture sealed with the caulk. When we need to change or replace one of the element, sometimes we struggle to those of hardened caulk. When the traditional blade is not strong enough to scrape, you may prefer to use the oscillating multi tool. It also comes with the tool looks like a putty knife (scraper blade) that is ideal for use as to scrape sealant or caulk from around backsplashes, sink, doors, window, tubs and other.

10. Scrape Adhesive

Mastics sealant or high-strength adhesives generally applied to seal furniture and home elements such as window edges, vinyl floor, and carpet. They slowly will be worn gradually eaten by the time and they need to be replaced. This work can be a frustrating and time-consuming unless you have a right tool. The oscillating multi tool with its scrape blade attachment helps you to get rid of the adhesive. Its high-speed oscillating action will scrap the only in a matter of minutes. Accomplish to scrape up the residual adhesive with the rasp.

11. Slice to Many Building Materials

With a wide array of cutting tools, you can cut foam, leather, wood, fibreglass, cardboard, many types of plastics, carpet, vinyl, aluminium, etc. Pick the right blade and slice them.

12. Make a Hole on Various Surfaces

Whether you want to make a rectangular or square hole in the drywall on walls or ceilings, the oscillating multi tool is a right tool to pick. This oscillating action provides a precise and accurate cutting, which make the jobs easier and quicker. With the lithe help of the outline mark onto the surface, you will have a more tidy result.

This mechanism is useful if you want to install such electrical boxes or ceiling lamps. Do carefully and make sure there are no wires or pipes buried behind the surface.

13. Carpet Work

When you are installing a wall-round or floor carpets the big challenge is to find the right angle at the crease and corners. Help to simplify any of carpeting project you can get the job into the breeze with an oscillating multi tool. At least, it will get you rid of from the hassle and hand strain from cutting the carpet manually.

14. Trim furniture and Interior

The easiest way to make something neat is by trimming them with a multi tool. When you are installing the chair rail, it is useful to trim the joint or the corners to make them super tidy looks. In addition, there are plenty of blade types to tidy up your misaligned furniture and interior décor.

15. Remodel Stuff

I’ve been following numerous DIY blogs and sites since a few years ago. People always put a big enthusiasm on how to remodel their stuff on a budget. It can be great supplemental information for you if you want to try to reface your old stuff like a kitchen cabinet or old wooden chair. Before you decide to implement a new paint, you may like to reduce some element, remove worn mouldings, reshaping the corner or fixing the door. For such of that purpose, an oscillating multi tool is an essential tool for every DIY enthusiast.

An oscillating multi tool may also become a substantial tool for backyard DIY project such for fixing the chicken coop.

These are a few examples of jobs you can do with an oscillating multi tool. Actually, there are hundreds of more jobs you can do with. Believe me or not, the idea will just improve by time.