Must-Have Measuring and Marking Tools for DIY Woodworking


Hi, have you ever wondered how your neighbour made a wooden chicken coop from scratch? Perhaps, they all started with such of perfect plans. But, before everything begun, I’m sure that they already noted some of basic woodworking skills including the tools. Don’t be discourage as you are now start everything from very beginning as one of their secrets are only depending on the tools just like measuring and marking tools. You can make your own fancier wooden chicken coop with little more practice and the right tool.

Find out some basic precision instruments consisting of measuring and marking tools for DIY woodworking in the list below. Next, you will find out the differences between conventional and more advanced tools that will become your savior from being exaggerated while looking for ‘the best tool’. It always better utilizing the right tool for the right job, rather than considering which one is more trending and more prestigious. Let’s find out.

Basics on Measuring and Marking Tools for DIY Woodworking

Angle Finder and Protactor

It is quite hard to create such as fitting mitred wood joints without tool like angle finder. You can find this tool in two different forms, manual or digital. The last one provides better accuracy and efficient reads. The most innovative models come with marking and measuring units as well as spirit level.

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Bevel Gauge (T-Bevel)

Angles in woodworking could be usual or unusual. By using t-bevel, you can easily find or duplicate both usual and unusual angles. For simple measuring, the t-bevel is a fine subtitute for the more complex angle finder or protactor.

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The tools range from simple firm joint calliper to the proffesional-grade vernier calliper. Using digital vernier calliper is easier rather than the dial type, although they all give same functions. The main function of callipers is for measuring dimensions of wood internally or externally, especially if they are too small in sizes or diameters.

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Grab a woodworking compass if you want to create circle or arch hole. Similarly, do it precisely when drawing on wood surface. Woodworking compass produced in various shapes and sizes. Generally, they come with pencil holder and scriber. For best application, choose the model fitted with lockable wind divider to repeat any measurements easily.

Contour Gauge

Contour gauge consists of many sliding blocks that move in line with the mold’s shape you want to copy. Having contour gauge in DIY woodworking practice is very useful in case you want to create two or more similar objects that are equal in size, shape or profile, i.e. corners. Most of the contour gauges’ part made from plastic material that will last for long time.

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Drill Gauge

Don’t ruin precious projects because of our own lax. When our object is just too small for eyes can predict, we need a helper. Drill gauge measures tiny hole (1 – 13 mm in diameter) for any bites like twist drills. Drill gauge will also help us when installing small bolt on any surfaces.

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Pocket Hole Jig

Pocket hole jig is a supreme piece of kit majorly required in DIY sphere. Using this small piece of tool, everybody can build countless projects ranging from simple one to the more complicated home improvement products such as bookcases and computer desk.  Even a Pro, can’t create such of prefect hole joinery without this tool. You can’t miss kind of this measuring and marking tools for diy woodworking. Below is one of the great example products among of dozens brands you can find out there.

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Carpenter’s level is the most popular name in this scope. However, you are actually free to choose among many different types of levels that afford similar functions like spirit level, torpedo level and mason’s level, depending on the object you want to measure. They all have two main functions that are to establish true horizontal and true plumb. The more modern kit sometimes comes with additional features like magnetic tip, rotating vial (to copy angle) and magnified center vial (liquid tube). Beyond of those features, probably you will likely prioritize on fault tolerance to be as accurate as possible.

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Plumb Bob

Being known as the spirit level precusor, plumb bob occassionaly still irrepleaceable. It serves best accuracy to establish very first true vertical construction (wood or other materials), big or small.  You can make your own version, but market place offers much more affordable price. You choose.

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Multi-Ruler and Template Tool

You need a sturdier and stronger ruler for workbench and no plastics! Are you anyone creative? Level up with more advanced kit just like an angularizer ruler. Multi-ruler is also multi-angle ruler, which is perfect for any type of marking and measuring straight as well as angular line. Multi-ruler is one of an essential measuring and marking tools for diy woodworking. Find of the best just on the link below.

Square Tools

In addition to the angle finder, protactor and multi-ruler, a simple square tool could be a lifesaver when dealing with quick actions of measuring. You may choose the all-in-one square tool or just tri-square measurer. There are plenty options out there from various brands.

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Wheel Marking Gauge

Marking the edge of a wood is never been easier untill somebody invented the wheel marking gauge. The tool combines various type of marking kit consisting of wheel, needle and pencil. The wheel itself usually made of hard steel than can cut softer wood with just single push.

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Marking Knife

What we need to cover at the end of the list of measuring and marking tools for diy woodworking is the indispensable tiny piece of sharp metal that used to be and now always needed in carpentries, hobbies and crafts. Pick one that meets your style.

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