How To Buy Used Ride On Lawn Mower


Used Ride On Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Used Ride On Lawn Mower Best DealIt is not an old story we buy a used machine like a ride-on lawn mower, car, truck, and tractor. A bargain price is our prime reason looking for used machine. In many cases, a used machine at a bargain price does not turn out to make our thrift especially if we have to do extensive repairs short after moments.

That is a good news when somebody got a story from his friend as he just found a good used ride on lawnmower from online listing, but we have to remember there are also crappy machines lying around there. Don’t make speculative on a used ride-on lawn mower and we have to do our own research.

At first, we have to find a used ride-on lawn mower nearing us to take a test drive. If we miss the chance, there are many options from the trusted online retailers/sellers. What to look for are including:

Find a Realistic Price Benchmark for a Used Ride On Lawn Mower

There is no exact price for a used ride-on lawn mower, but you can set a realistic benchmark for it. The best sort of them that is three years old in max is ideal to buy for 60% of retail price. Keep in mind that’s only if it is in prime condition mechanically and physically. Before you buy a used one, you may like to check the price new of the model. Make a bargain is always the good idea. However, you have to watch out of the seller that seems to anxious to sell the mower, as it’s a sign of something wrong with the machine.

Look at the Engine

Understanding the engine fitness will tell you whether you have to prepare an extra budget on repairs or not. This is where extra money required if there is something to repair. You may spend less money on the other part of the machine except for the engine. You will have to pay double if something unexpected occurs with the engine, like carburettor overhaul, tune-up, changing the crankshaft or camshaft. Repair is some of unavoidable for a used machine, but you have not to pay more for extensive repairs.

Pick the model that comes with a popular engine like Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kawasaki, etc. It is reasonable to pick from a stellar brand, as they are already tested time to time.

Don’t hesitate to ask every detail of the machine like the model, type, and spare part availability. Only buy from the seller that gives you complete information.

A few indications that tell you if there something wrong with the engine

  • The engine doesn’t start smoothly
  • The engine stalls improperly particularly when you change the speed, turning on the deck, or on idle.
  • Unusual vibration
  • Oil leaks particularly on the main bearing at the blade
  • Some weird sounds come from the engine
  • Getting hot short after you start the engine
  • Exhaust pipe produces lots of smoke on the 4-stroke engine. Smoke can be tolerable if the mower comes with the 2-stroke engine.

Make a Test Drive

In a retailer that buys and sells used mowers, you will have this chance assisted by a professional. However, if you have to do it by yourself without any assistance, then you can pay attention to several important aspects as follows:

  • How does the steering feel
  • How the clutch does works (model with manual transmission). Check at all the speed forward and reverse.
  • Test brake/speed pedals
  • Does the mower run smoothly
  • How the suspension feels
  • Pay attention to the loose bolt. If there any missing bolts, there are should be some noise you can hear.
  • If it comes with grass collection bag, make sure it works properly
  • Take a few minutes to roam the seller’s area and make a little practice to mow the grass.
  • Some of the mowers are not only moving but also collect and mulch. Make sure the mulcher is fine.
  • You should not be worry of the cutting performance because of the blunt blade, as it is cheap and easy to find.

The Physics is Not Looks Good but Does the Engine and Overall Performance

You will evident that the mower figures like a trash like rusted frame, peeled paint, or filled by stumble dirt on the seat and body. In our opinion that still worth to buy as long as the engine and all performance are good. The ride on lawn mower with such condition usually offered in lower price. You can make them like a new just by spending less money on repainting.

Online Buying Tips on a Used Ride On Lawn Mower

There are places you can start to make a hunt for a used ride on lawn mower online, but not all of them offer consumer protection especially on the listing site. We suggest you find trusted listing site that comes with consumer protection i.e. money back guarantee, returning for damaged part, no satisfaction because of the miss-matching item as they describe, etc.