Honda Lawn Mower Review


Honda Lawn Mower ReviewWhether you are dead-set on a specific brand, sometimes it is hard to move out.

You probably already own a CRV or HRV and you love it very much in the way it accelerates and gives you maximum driving impressions all the time you commute. Now you are expecting the similar quality for another machine with similar impression and quality – that’s an ordinary matter of preference and very humane.

As one of the leading company in automotive and machinery, Honda produces lots of small machines under Honda Power Equipment badge. One of the flagship product sits in the lawnmower category and it’s been a long time becomes people’s pride to own.

How about you?

Honda Lawn Mower in the Market

Particularly for a small machine, Honda sits in the second place right after Briggs & Stratton when it comes to the world’s market share. More than 80% of lawn mower has a built-in Briggs & Stratton engine. I can conservatively say that, looking at numbers of lawn mower brands which powered by Briggs & Stratton engine. There are more than a dozen lawn mower brands to tell and some of the most popular including Toro, Husqvarna, John Deere, MTD, Altoz and Craftsman.

Honda stands out with more specific offering in the crowd. When it comes to the Honda lawn mower, you can ask any professional. They will give you kind of exact similar answer: Honda engine is built to the last. The other primary keys are the renowned technology innovations, exclusive twin blade, and overall unit constructions like ball-bearing supported wheels, human & environmental friendly emissions.

It becomes more subtle why people choose Honda, as the mowers are easier to start and produce less noise & vibration. The last thing not to forget, Honda has superior dealer network locally and online which makes you easier to find the replacement part.

The Ranges of Mower

Honda lawn mower is available from basic to the commercial grade. Especially to find one of them in the UK, there are the most popular models compiled below.

From Small Lineups

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IZY lineup is the first and early entry of residential Honda lawnmower. This is one of UK’s favourite no other because of their manoeuvrability, power and small size. IZY models are perfect for small, complex to the medium-sized lawn. What’s surprising, albeit of the size being the smallest models, it still packs 4-stroke engine on their hearts. It makes them an unbeatable in the case of performance, driveability, quietness, efficiency, and durability.

Other than, if you want quicker cutting action from the similarly sized mower, then go through HRS series. They are perfect to tackle straight mowing chores that don’t need require shift and break taking benefits of its single-speed drive.

Plenty Models of Hardworking Lawn Mowers

The range models in this category including HRD series and HRH series. Their cutting capacity, bigger solid engine, and cutting specification designed to tackle rough chores in the wider lawn areas. One of Honda exclusive features you can find through the ranges is including heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission and Roto Stop technology. Roto Stop system allows you to stop the blade without the need to shut down the engine.

There Also Professional Pick

HRX series is one of the most popular commercial-grade lawn mower owned by Honda. Feature to look for is including 4-in-1 function: mulch, bag, shred leaves and side discharge. HRX is an all-rounder come with Honda’s exclusive SMART Drive and Variable speed technology. These two features help you attain an unbeatable speed control and manoeuvrability in any lawn condition.

HRX introduced 30 years ago. When buying this series it means you are buying a time-tested product with constant innovation and enhancement. You can find lots of showdown about this mower.

The Advantage of MicroCut Twin Blades Technology

Even the lowest specs of Honda lawn mower equipped with twin blade gear. There are two possibilities when using a mower with two blades: havoc or fortune. It can be havoc when the mower doesn’t have enough engine-horsepower to power the blade. In result, they will not last long for tougher jobs. Two blades require more powerful engine and they always should be.

The combination of plenty engine-power and twin blades creates an amazing joint venture to output quick and perfect cutting performance. Everybody knows Honda’s 4-stroke engine quality, and we don’t need to doubt about the havoc.

Honda fitted a twin-blade technology on every lawn mower. Let’s see how it works.

Perfect looks finish is the benefit of each rotation of the blades. The leading blade makes major cuts at the front, while the lower blade clips the rest into small clippings. While they circulate the clippings inside the deck, the blades continue cutting and cutting into even more smaller clippings. As you expect, this is somewhat you call as best mowing performance. The result, your lawn will look perfectly manicured.


Without denying the fact that many other brands are also good, Honda is a great place to start your quest finding reliable lawn mower. Engine quality is the heart of Honda lawnmower.