Garden Sprayer Pump Buying Guide and Recommendations


It is always be a good reason to dig more information about garden sprayer pump before ‘clicking’ to any specific product. That is because not all of garden sprayer would be suitable for your yardwork and garden treatment. Before buying, all you need to consider is to pay attention on some critical features mostly available in a sprayer pump unit, so you can decide which one is the best according to your need. Over here, along with this buying guide, we help you narrowing down choices among the most popular brands out there.

9 Critical Things to Look For in the Garden Sprayer Pump


If it is only specialized for plant, then more pressure means better. Since most of sprayer come with adjustable nozzle, you can lower the pressure by adapting your hand very easily. On contrast, a low-pressure sprayer likely would be very clumsy to do various unique applications like spraying herbicide, fungicide, pesticide or fertilizer in addition to a merely spraying water. In addition, a low-pressure sprayer pump do not produce fine mist (which is the main requisite in applying contact pesticides) as the opposite one.

A high-pressure sprayer usually comes with piston pump (while another uses diaphragm pump). A manual garden sprayer that is equipped with piston pump can reach up to 90 psi through its cylinder housing when pumping.

Material Quality

The plastic-made garden sprayer pump is a great choice, because they are lightweight and durable. However, a product made of stainless steel are still better.


Deep inside the sprayer pump lays some of fragile elements especially seals and gaskets. The seals & gaskets make sure that there are no escaping air pressure and no liquid leaking when pumping. Those elements requires routine replacement as they are typically will worn out very soon on very frequent uses (especially in manual hand-operated sprayer).

Unfortunately, this critical part made intentionally to be unique from one brand to another. Therefore, they are not interchangeably. Things to make sure, ask a detail explanation about this spare parts wherever before you buy garden sprayer pump.

Sling or Knapsack

A unit with tank size less than 10 liter usually comes in sling model. Any bulker units always designed with knapsack for easier operation. If you plan to use sprayer on regular basis in the garden, then having both smaller and bigger unit is very helpful.

Types of Spray

A diverse kind of spray can be produced through a nozzle. Pick the units that offers wide range of nozzles starting from spotted to the wide misty or the unit that comes with an adjustable nozzle tip.

Mode and Cost of Operation

Manual sprayer requires muscle to operate but simpler and cheaper to maintain. Electric sprayer is much easier to operate, but costs on power and maintenance that is more expensive (need to figure out of worn out battery, pump damage, and some electrical failure that most individual cannot fix oneself).

Telescopic Lance

Most of sprayer pumps in the market come with fixed lance. You need to buy an extension or an alternative that has a telescopic function for extra reach and better experience when spraying.

Volume Level Guide

Sprayer tank made of plastic usually have a translucent area that comes with a graduated volume level guide. The feature helps to mix pesticide, herbicide, fungicide and other garden chemical with water. Even though, we can still utilize a measuring jug to mix those chemical easier.


Battery is the core of any electric sprayer in addition to the electric pump. The capacity of battery defined in ampere-hour. The bigger of its Ah means better. Just because an electric sprayer only relies on the battery to operate, then you have to pay specific attention to it especially when on charging period. Regular maintenance is not necessary to the battery, as it will worn out by itself along with times and uses. A new replacement is required when the battery is broken (i.e. underpowered pump, not charging).

Look at These Worth-Considering Garden Sprayer Pumps

All we have here both electric and manual sprayer, served based on thorough research intended for your shopping reference.

[Electric] Ryobi RY18BPSA 15 L

Last update was in: October 11, 2021 4:42 pm

The only bad point about the Ryobi RY18BPSA is about the price. However, the sprayer is not for you who just want a standard electric sprayer, as the Ryobi RY18BPSA offers more values rather than just standard features mostly found in electric sprayers. Since you do not mind to spend more money on a long-term investment, then it surely be strong candidate.

The Ryobi RY18BPSA comes with translucent 15-liter tank adequate for large-scale applications. It has robust design, with solid metal frame to ensure its longevity. What is much more interesting (but also downside in some point), the Ryobi RY18BPSA backed up with ONE+ power system. With the technology, you can easily expand your collection (purchasing any other Ryobi tools without need repetition on battery investment).

Much more fun, Ryobi offers different capacity of battery so you can adjust your budget based on your need.


  • Replacement spare part easy to find online including battery and charger
  • Interchangeable battery system with other Ryobi ONE+ tools
  • Solid built quality (metal backpack frame)
  • Great choice for private garden and professional uses
  • Whopping pressure rate of up to 60 psi


  • High price (even for the bare unit without battery and charger)

SOLO 425 Comfort [15 L Manual Piston Pump]

Last update was in: October 11, 2021 4:42 pm

If you want garden sprayer pump from the renowned brand, SOLO is obvious. Originated from Germany, people from all over the world recognizes SOLO has quality products including its pressure pump sprayers. Among many sprayers produced, SOLO 425 Comfort is one that has convenient value, many features and performance. This type equipped with piston pump, which means aimed to handle all gardening chemicals, but the stronger one just like viscous weed killers.


  • High quality sprayer
  • Good pressure rate (approx. 45 psi max )
  • Robust design
  • Lightweight
  • Great performance with very smooth spray
  • Many nozzle tip types through separate purchase
  • Adjustable pump lever


  • Slightly awkward design compared to the more affordable competitors
  • Worth the money for long-last investment

SOLO 475 Classic [15 L Manual Membrane Pump]

Last update was in: October 11, 2021 4:42 pm

For you who are struggle weeding all the time banishing bushes and grass, we recommend you to pick SOLO 475 Classic. This type of garden sprayer pump designed specifically to handle strong garden and field chemicals, specialized with membrane pump and special gasket sealing. Therefore, you may have attempts to spritz abrasive liquid such as chlorine.


  • Built similarly to SOLO 425 Comfort model distinct in pump type
  • Cheaper than the pump model


  • Nonadjustable pump lever
  • Consume more place to put away

(Manual) Hozelock 4507 7 L Pressure Sprayers

Last update was in: October 11, 2021 4:42 pm

Hozelock’s sprayer range models used to be very compelling rather than now. It is a bit harder to find a bigger model from Hozelock especially the unit with 10 L tank or above. Nevertheless, Hozelock is very familiar brand that is hard to forget. Therefore, we had to include one of it in this review. Nothing special about the garden sprayer pump, but all made worth considering for your small routines.


  • Good value for money
  • Easy setup and carry
  • Translucent graduated bottle to ease mix and dose chemical
  • Suck up liquid to the last drop (minimizes deposit on the bottom tank)
  • Adjustable nozzle spray


  • Poor assembly instruction (a bit puzzling for first-timer)

[Manual] SPEAR & JACKSON Garden Sprayer Pumps

Last update was in: October 11, 2021 4:42 pm

Being the old player in the game, SPEAR & JACKSON comes with no less interesting models of pressure sprayers. The products stretch from the minimalist 2-liter pressure sprayer to the 15 l model.  Mostly people likes SPEAR & JACKSON’s garden sprayers because of their uniqueness, easy-to-find spare replacements, and values for money.


  • Very popular name brands
  • Spare replacements are plentiful
  • Wide range choices
  • Come with pressure release valve for safer operations
  • Uniquely designed product


  • All standard materials
  • Only handle specific liquid with 5 – 9 pH level
  • Plastic tank easily degraded under direct UV light (need to be stored in dark place when not in use).