Garden Multi Tool / Multi Cutter Buying Guide


Garden Multi Tool System

A Garden multi tool consists of a set of cutting heads such as line trimmer, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, and chainsaw pruner then why it’s sometimes referred as a garden multi-tool cutter. With a garden multi tool, users can invest in one engine and several assortments up to 4-5 of cutting heads so they can cut their budget on a multi-function tool.

Fortunately, many of garden multi tools offered at a very competitive price even collated to the hedge trimmer and engine, chainsaw pruner and engine, or line trimmer and engine that sold separately as a single unit. In a garden multi tool, each of attachment works with a single power unit and it gives advantages to gardeners with multi tasks so they can simply change between cutting heads effortlessly. With one power unit, it also means that everything will fit into small storage and easy to take on transport.

Benefit of Garden Multi Tool / Multi Cutter

The tool assortment is one subtle benefit provided by garden multi tool. With a multi tool, you can prune small stems, twigs or reshape small trees in front of your home. Brushcutter is for cleaning up the uncontrolled overgrown bushes in the bare land around your garden. Hedge trimmer with its long reach extension pole is used to tidy up any of the tall hedgerows and hedge tops. Shoppers looking for a long reach hedge trimmer they can find a good alternative to a garden multi tool. Many of them supplied with up to one-meter extension pole that fit all cutting head attachments. Especially to reach the heights and tall hedges, the shopper can consider the model with lightweight shaft materials like aluminium. Most of the petrol garden multi tool has overall weight up to 5 kg and more with one cutting head attached.

Another benefit, all cutting attachments use one engine unit or one power unit interchangeably and beneficial to save lots amount of money on operating.

One power unit is also meant to the maintenance cost. Garden multi tool available in two different power units: petrol and electric. The well-known brands like Bosch and Eckman offer sort of the powerful and outstanding electric garden multi tool. In the petrol segment, there are available stellar brands like Timberpro, eSkde, Einhell, Wolf Creek and much more. Both of the electric or petrol models come with superiorities and downsides. Petrol models are heavier but produce more power and free from cable use. Electric models are less expensive and lightweight but with one restriction when to reach outer areas of your garden.

The Downsides

Many said that garden multi tools are great only for a small diverse area to care within a property. This comes with reasons. You may like to compare a single unit of professional hedge trimmer that offered with a much pricier cost to the many tools in a garden multi-tool that priced only a half. Particular tools such as line trimmer or hedge trimmer specialized to cope with specific duty then why they can live longer and delivers better performance to those designed for multipurpose.

Remember, through a multi tool you are relying on one power unit to do many jobs. Especially for this case, a garden multi tool is not enough reliable to take on very frequent uses in large properties. It also gives another downside for pro gardeners. In the time of that engine breaking down, they can’t do anything. All of these are the undeniable consequents come with garden multi tools. It is why many of pro gardeners prefer to use stand-alone power tools.

The Reason Why You Need a Garden Multi Tool

A garden multi tool can be an incredibly useful item for multiple jobs with one machine. Only that garden multi tools are not as tougher as their ‘pure tools’ counterparts, many users prefer to use their garden multi tool to tackle diverse tasks that don’t require serious attention to each of the jobs. A garden multi tool is also great alternative where the bank is not much help to collect pro tools individually. Through a garden multi tool, this is your chance to collect complete gardening and cutting tools at that much reduced total cost.

A garden multi tool gives you chance on using different cutting tools through a single easy “plug n play” system. This is just kind of perfect tool if you just starting out your business around your house and garden.

Einhell 4501655 4-Function Petrol Multi-Tool

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as of August 18, 2021 2:11 pm


  • High quality OREGON-quality blade and chain
  • Oil tank for automatic chain lubrication
  • Split shaft for an easy transport and space saving storage.
  • Quick Start System: Primer (manual fuel pump) for easy starting (Ideal for beginners)
  • Adjustable carrying strap for easy mobility.

Things to Consider When Shopping a Garden Multi Tool

Now you can narrow down to what you are looking for from a garden multi tool. As I told, garden multi tool comes in different design, power unit, and different of assortment attachments. For the chores around the garden, many of them pack essential component tools such as hedge trimmer, brushcutter, line trimmer, chainsaw pruner and one addition extension pole.

Among those considerations in choosing a garden multi tool, one major aspect is the quality. Quality may reflect overall construction sturdiness, weight, blade quality, engine/motor specifications, engine components, starting method, etc.

To note in the case of design the most important is to notice the joint design. Many of garden multi tools supplied with locking mechanism ensuring users to use the machine safely. However, not little some of them also don’t equip this feature. The models with joint design without locking mechanism might harm their users for an incidental injury. For this case, it is better to buy a garden multi tool that equips standard safety features like protection glove, helmet and face protection. In addition, if you decide for petrol garden multi tool, they might produce loud noise then you need an ear protection to be able working comfortably and conveniently.

As a matter of personal preference, you can look to each of attachments detailing features such as:

  • Effective blade cutting length (hedge trimmer)
  • Tooth spacing of blade (hedge trimmer)
  • Type of line (strimmer/line trimmer)
  • Bump/automatic feed (strimmer/line trimmer)
  • Blade cutting diameter (hedge trimmer)
  • Horsepower (petrol garden multi tool)
  • Blade shape and size (brushcutter)
  • Length of extension pole (for reaching the heights)
  • Pivoting/rotating cutting head (hedge trimmer)
  • Adjustable cutting head position (pruner/hedge trimmer)
  • Telescopic/fixed shaft (long-reach)
  • Wattage and voltage (electric garden multi tool)
  • Colors
  • Lubrication system (chainsaw pruner)
  • Rotating handle
  • Hand grip
  • Single/double action blade
  • (hedge trimmer)
  • Plug spark
  • Razor blade
  • Adjustable shoulder harness
  • etc