Cylinder Vs Rotary Lawnmower Cutting System Differences


Cylinder Vs Rotary Lawnmower Cutting System DifferencesUnderstanding lawn mower cutting systems could be the topmost consideration in addition to the power source types. You need to know the differences when shopping for a new lawn mower, especially if it is your first purchase.

Albeit of many published classifications and grouping effort to the mowers types by their cutting systems, we ought to say that definitely, you can classify them into only two categories that are cylinder and rotary. Different countries may have their own term on this, but despite looking for the name, they are more understandable by functions.

You might also see there are other few terms generally used by western gardeners like reel mower, manual mower, and hover mowers. First-timers may be confused with the popping terms, but we want to make it clear through this article, so stay tuned to find cylinder vs rotary lawnmower cutting system differences.

A Matter of Cutting Grass Quality

Sometimes people asking on which is best lawn mower for their lawn between cylinder or rotary lawn mower. In truth, regarding the question, we want to answer that both cylinder and rotary lawn mower are best in their nature. It means, you should not compare between apple and lemon, as each has different benefit and functions.

The more logic way to differentiate between cylinder and rotary is in the way they cut the grass. Cylinder lawn mower copes particular grass condition and does so the rotary. Both have no downside unless they are the crappy machine that utilizes something beyond the standard and come in the market with the does-not-make-sense price: too cheap.

Cylinder Vs Rotary Lawnmower Cutting System Differences

Cylinder mower is the reel mower. Hover has the similar cutting system to the rotary but without wheels. Manual hand-push lawn mowers are similar to cylinder mowers.

Cylinder and Reel Lawn Mower Cutting System

Cylinder or reel mower is a mower with vertical spinning blade and uses a scissor action movement when cutting the blades of the grass. Numbers of blades are different between each other models, but the more blades deliver better cuts. If it comes with the grass bag collection, it should be located at the front. Cylinder or reel mowers are available in small and large models.

This cutting system also used by manual hand-push mowers, but manual mowers do not have wheels.

Grass Cutting Quality

The slicing actions produced by reel mowers will not work on the long grass. It means this kind of mower only best for frequent mowing with a scheduled setting at least once a week. This is why this model is fewer for domestics’ uses because less versatile to cope various mowing grass on different types of grass. Moreover, the reel mower which is pushed manually by people also doesn’t perform well for high grass.

For a bristle-like grass mow, cylinder mowers cost you routine blade maintenance and frequent mowing at least a once or twice a week. For the information, you can look at a golf course as an example. They mow the grass every one or two days in the playing seasons.

Best Applications

  • Routine mowing
  • Usually used in commercial applications
  • Produces great mowing finish on frequent mowing
  • Needs efforts and time to keep routine mowing in frequent time
  • Doesn’t cut high grass
  • Perfect for mulching  from great sliced grass clippings

Rotary and Hover Lawn Mower Cutting System

In the opposite hand of the reel mower, the rotary mower has horizontal spins of blades. It cuts using sucking and tearing movement. Some models have only one blade and some have two. One popular model comes with twin-blade is Honda. The model is also available in wide range of size and power sources.

Grass Cutting Quality

Whether in a few recent years rotary mowers often give a less neat cutting performance but seem not prevail today as they are newer models in the petrol and electric segments.  The newer mowers come with a better combination of motor/engine power, which produces higher-rev spinning. In result, they cut better and leave neater mowing finishes. Many of them already equipped with twin-blade so they cut faster than ever.
For better cutting performance, it is better you buy only the reliable product from popular brands.

Best Applications

  • Used in both residential and commercial applications
  • Easy dealing with high grass
  • Ideal for normal applications for both amateur and enthusiast
  • Mulching with some models like 3-in-1 or 4-in-1

They Come with Different Consequence of Maintenance

Rotary mowers are easier to adjust and maintenance keeping them in prime condition. Cylinder mowers need more frequent blade maintenance and adjustment. If you can’t do it properly, don’t ask, even it will serve worst cutting performance than a blunt rotary mower. Only people with mechanical minded got their reason buying a cylinder mower. More than that, you probably want to stay from cylinder lawnmowers.

Differences in the Height Adjustment

Go straight to the rotary mower if you plan to tackle various grass condition in the lawn. Rotary mowers have better height adjustment allowance, and better in the ride-on models. Exceptions to the models that come with a screw-threaded height adjustment setting, which allows you set the highest and lowest settings into infinite positions. Ride-on lawn mower generally comes with ten or more height settings, which allows you improve the heights suiting to the lawn conditions.

Many models in the market today come with lever-action set positions that enable you to set the height even easier, However, sometimes the fixed set is not meet to our expectation, but without significant loss of cutting performance.


Now you draw many things within the “Cylinder Vs Rotary Lawnmower Cutting System Differences”. All of them will be beneficial to assist your quest finding the best suits lawnmower based on their cutting systems. Also, don’t miss our reviews on the best sort lawnmower available in the market today, ranging from petrol, electric, residential, commercials and manual models