Best UK Petrol Long Reach Hedge Trimmer


Among of those regular chores, hedge trimming could be a big job. Keeping your big hedge under control sometimes need lots of effort especially if you decide to let the hedge growing like mad. In order to save your time and effort, an extension pole or long reach hedge trimmers is a brilliant way to tidy up any of overgrown hedges or big hedge. You can easily get two hands on the job with less hassle and less need to strain and stretch your muscle.

Since you notice that there are many options to narrow down under segment of pole hedge trimmer or long reach hedge trimmers, this time let’s take a look at some of the best petrol-powered models. Petrol powered long reach hedge trimmers capable of tackling large areas of hedges as they come with a powerful engine and professional-grade arsenals as good as no power cord limitation. If you want a slower but very useful for your regular chores, you can take a look at our list on best electric long reach hedge trimmers through this link. Cordless models are also good options for you if you think that the running cable is a nuisance and power/speed is not on your priority.

What about the price?

Petrol long-reach hedge trimmers can cost up to £500 but are capable of tackling the toughest tasks in larger areas and bigger hedges. They also cut properly such of brushes and weeds. This article takes a look at several models of the best petrol long reach hedge trimmers available now.

Some of the professional-grade petrol long reach hedge trimmer to put on your shopping list:

Grizzly BHS25L Petrol Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Grizzly BHS25L is a Germany engineered petrol long reach hedge trimmers designed for toughest hedge trimmings. The model has an awesome pole reach of 2.25-meters in total with 43-cm blade effective cutting length. A powerful machine with 25-cc 2-stroke engine and anti-vibration centre handle designed for the most convenient cutting experience. The model paired to the high-quality Oregon blade quality for the finest cutting and trimming results.

An adjustable shear head up to 10 positions from -90-degree to +60-degree make you possible to find the right angle according to the hedge condition.

This engine features easy-start system, choke, primer pump and electronic ignition anticipating for any level of users to have the best experience anytime they start the engine. Help you to reduce strain and stretch your muscle when on the long operation, the unit has already equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap. In addition, a reliable spare-part back up from the manufacturer, make the product is much more promising to own.

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ECHO HCA 265 ES Engine-Driven Long-Reach Articulating Hedge Trimmer

Echo HCA 265 ES boast three main features: ideal weight for prolonged use the balanced weight of the top and the bottom end, low-level vibration. These of three aspects are the features to look for especially in a petrol long reach hedge trimmer. It also fitted with angled cutting head through 120-degree for safe and comfortable reaching pole of the hedges.

In the heart of Echo HCA 265 ES is a robust 25.4-cc 2-stroke stage 2 compliant low emission engine fitted with an easy-start system for quick and effortless starting. Paired to the dual-reciprocating blade, this unit eager to slice and trim the bushes, big hedges and weeds. It has an overall 2.4 length (with effective cutting length up to 44.6-cm) great to reach tall and wide hedges.

For working at heights, Echo HCA 265 ES has solid arsenals for hedge trimmings with precision and comfort.

Last update was in: October 18, 2021 10:50 am

Einhell 4501655 4-Function Petrol Multi-Tool + Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Einhell 4501655 is a great solution for those having a not too big hedge but with a very tall pole to reach. The model has approximately 37.5 of the effective cutting blade, which rated shorter than other models of petrol long reach hedge trimmers. Therefore, this not recommended for trimming wide or big hedges areas or you will sacrifice more effort and time to get the jobs finish. However, it can deliver great cutting for most of hedge tall and pole not more than 2 meters.

Einhell 4501655 has a split-shaft for an easy storage and transport. An additional bonus is the carrying strap for easy mobility and you can keep a focus on the object to trim. Einhell 4501655 is great for beginners as it already features quick-start system with the primer manual fuel pump.

Last update was in: October 18, 2021 10:50 am

Tiger 26cc Petrol Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer

This is another superb long reach hedge trimmer designed for trimming taller hedges, which would otherwise require the use of a ladder. Fitted with angled head, the tool is perfect to trim the tops of any of awkward areas of your hedge. On its heart is a powerful 26-cc engine featuring ‘EZYSTART’ technology for effortless and safe starting. This 2-stroke engine has developed to meet Euro 2 compliant and fuel-efficient in the class, make it ideal for every domestic application.

For cutting wide areas of hedges or bushes it armed with a high-grade cutting blade with effecting cutting length up to 46-cm/18-inches – sufficient length to get the jobs finished in shorter time. Adding flexibility is the variable geometry cutting head through 90-degree.

Standard convenient and comfort features are including well-balanced extra long shaft and blade, single strap harness, and padded shaft grip. This tool has an overall length of 4 meters measured from the engine to the blade.

Makita EN4951SH 25.4cc 4 Stroke Pole Hedge Trimmer

Makita is one of those provides high-quality tools and equipment. Makita has developed numbers of petrol hedge trimmers oriented for better for human and environmentally friendly. Under badge of Makita Mini 4-Stroke Engine (MM4), the ranges of Makita’s four-stroke power tools are not only outstanding in the fuel consumptions but also best in lower emissions output. The EN4951SH is fitted with a 25.4-cc 4-stroke engine that boasts low noise, clean exhaust emission and low running costs. Smart machinery is also as the benefit of multi-position engine lubrication system enables the engine to be inclined to any angle during works.

Many user benefits provided by Makita EN4951SH including 13 adjustable angle head, 90-degree tilt-down, 45-degree tilt-up, 180-degree foldable shaft, easy recoil starting system, primer pump, compact and lightweight unit. Only the downside, this unit can’t reach more 2 meters of tall.

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Makita EN4950H 25.4cc 4 Stroke Pole Hedge Trimmer

The EN4950H petrol long-reach hedge trimmer provides similar engine technology as well to the EN4951SH model. The EN4950H comes with a slightly more expensive price but it has a longer overall length up to 2.5-meters for easier reaching the heights and poles hedges. Standard user benefits are including 13-different angle settings help you make a precise cut to the tops without need the help of the ladder. It is also 180-degree foldable make it easy to take on transport and storage.

In truth, this tool is not a cheap tool, but for the given range of features, user benefits, and advanced MM4 4-Stroke technology, you definitely get what you pay for.

Last update was in: October 18, 2021 10:50 am

The Verdict

The choice is of yours: whether the trimmer comes with 4-stroke or 2-stroke engine. Both come with plus and minus. For the quieter operation and less to maintain we recommend you to pick ones with the 4-stroke engine.