Best UK Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum cleaner facilitates homeowner to avoid any of seamless potential diseases that slip from the bare eyes. They could be the small mite, bacteria, dust and other hidden particles.

Seeking for the easiest vacuuming method continues to be done by everybody maybe till the end of the world. That’s right, robot vacuum cleaner is the small beast advent that can turn a tiring suction jobs into a breeze without a human assistant. However, a robot can’t do anything when it sees stairs. Then the human-operated vacuum cleaner is still an irreplaceable role player for the most demanding cleaning job.

The only matter for many people, they feel uncomfortable with a large and bulky size, so it is hard to take on cleaning routine. Handheld vacuum cleaner provides solutions to tackle such of smaller suction (or even the bigger one) tasks in the tight space. The handheld models addressed for quick-cleaning debris, spills, pet hairs, or dust from any types of surfaces.

The battery freedom is given by cordless model that enhance portability and versatility. Some models can be transformed into normal stick model using quick fitting mechanism. Because it is cordless, so the battery quality should be the foremost thing to consider in addition to the suction power.The bigger battery capacity provides longer running time.

In most cases, the smaller handheld vacuum cleaner cannot pick bigger debris until we saw exception of the newer convertible models. Those models offer stronger motor addressed for deep-cleaning carpet or upholstered surface like the car seats and interior.

We reviewed some best cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, including the models that are convertible. Check them out for your shopping reference.

Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaners You Can Buy in UK:

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Convertible to Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V8 Absolute provides the truly cordless freedom vacuum cleaner for a domestic multi-cleaning purpose. The simple transformation into handheld mode gives you chance to capture dust in all around pieces of furniture and car interior. With the stick in hand, the tool makes you ready to sweep the floor.

Dyson V8 Absolute is the cord-free powerful suction equipment. It now adds more running time of up to 40 minutes from the re-designed battery’s technology. Under the hood is a powerful motor that glides and picks dust and debris even from the deep carpet.

Thanks to the lightweight and long shaft that distinguishes it from other brands. Adding portability is the bag-less construction so you can focus on cleaning without hassle moving the dust bag.

Helping your routine even easier, the tool comes standard with storage dock can be attached to the wall. When you finish cleaning, put it back on the dock and it will recharge the battery itself. Don’t worry, the smart charger system is automatic and stops charging when the battery is full.

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Dyson V6 Absolute Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The model V6 cordless vacuum cleaner from Dyson has its own alluring features compared to its sibling, Dyson V8. Although V6 is less powerful than the V8, however, it is a good performer to keep your home clean and healthy.

Compared to the other name brands in the class, the smaller V6 still the stronger one. It is because of the newly redesigned pulse technology and a neodymium magnet give it a high spin rate up to 110,000 times in a minute. Finally, the motor coupled to the superb battery quality that delivers runtime power up to 20 minutes. It uses 2-tier radial cyclones system to provide a powerful airflow. The motorized head features stiff nylon bristles and soft carbon fibre.

Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner can be used in stick or handheld mode. It is easy to transform in between. The handheld mode offers upscale versatility for spot cleaning or quick clean ups. The stick model offers powerful floor or ceiling cleaning. The stick is so lightweight and made for prolonged gaze upward work.

The Hygienic bin emptying system offers one-action dirt ejector through a push-button. This is a smart cordless vacuum cleaner for smart DIYers.

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Dyson V6 Animal Upright + Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The model is special for pet hair picker. Compared to the standard Dyson V6 cordless model, it comes with wider motorized cleaner head that better on capturing hairs. Behind the unit is a robust V6 digital motor capable of picking up light to medium debris on the wall, ceiling, floor and the rest of places in the house.

It supports various applications using its convertible mode. In handheld mode, it can even reach tight places like hollows and car cabin. When you feel necessary to clean up wider area or need more power to suck more debris from your deep carpet, then you can simply adjust the power setting. The Dyson V6’s powerful motor is coupled with Dyson’s smart 2-Tier Radio Cyclone technology for greater debris capturing performance.

So the biggest difference is here, as V6 Animal only runs up to 20 minutes with one charge.

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Dyson DC34 22.2V Multi Floor Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Albeit of the fact that is hard to find ‘cheap’ models from Dyson, at least the model is good in both aspects: price and performance.

The Dyson DC34 provides power, smart technology, and portability in the form of a compact and lightweight small vacuum machine. The Dyson DC34 fitted with proven Dyson digital motor that delivers double suction power for picking up DIY mess, kitchen mess, debris on furniture, dust in the picture frame, cobwebs, pet hair on the sofa and from inside the car.

One of the notable Dyson features is the Cyclone technology that gives no chance for loss suction. It combines tools and kit for an unparalleled everyday cleaning duty.

Standard pieces of equipment are including wide debris nozzle, combination brush, and crevice tool. The Dyson DC34 handheld cordless vacuum is powered by a powerful lithium-ion fast charging 22.2V battery. The battery can deliver high constant suction up to uninterrupted 15 minutes. On maximum suction, it can stand for up to 6 minutes.

Black + Decker PD1820L 18V Lithium Flexi + Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Black + Decker cordless PD1820L Flexi vacuum is a compact and lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner. It has a unique feature of 1.5-meter flexible hose that reach the most difficult part.

The high-performance motor ensures for maximum cleaning performance and ideal for more demanding clean-up jobs. The fast charging time makes Lithium-ion battery always ready to use. The cyclonic action and triple filtration system make cleaning quicker and more efficient.

Do not lag far behind in the aspect of the smart feature, the dustbuster already fitted with useful accessories for cleaning every part of the house. They are including upholstery brush and crevice tool. In last, you’d love a transparent dust bowl for quick monitoring to the dust level.

BLACK+DECKER DVJ320J-GB Li-Ion Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

BLACK+DECKER DVJ320J-GB Dustbuster boasts an Intelligent Boost mode for a busy homeowner. The technology provides maximum suction power for every minute dirt left by kids or pets. Kids and pets are hard to control, so you need the tool like this.

The cyclonic action adds more power for the best performance for stubborn debris with less chance of clogging. DVJ320J-GB is powered by a lightweight and durable Lithium-ion battery with a maximum of 15-minutes of running time. Battery sensor, floor sensor, and filter sensors are such of the smart features you can find in this smart handheld vacuum cleaner.

An array of helping tools come as standard features, including a crevice tool, and flip-put brush.

Black + Decker 21.6V Hand Vac + Floor Extension Dustbuster with ORA Technology

Another versatile tool offered by Black + Decker is the 21.6V Handheld Vac. It packs what DIYers require that’s an easy switch mode system from the handheld freedom to the stick mode, making it a multi-function vacuum for various pick-ups cleaning tasks.

The model combines a 12 air-cyclone system, fade-free lithium power, and powerful airflow works best for debris. The included equipment and kits are including extendable crevice, floor head dusting brush and powered brush.

Vax H90-GA-B Gator 10.8V Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This super lightweight vacuum has four main specialities: bagged, crevice tool, cordless and pet hair. It weighed at only 1.2 kg, ensuring anyone can pick it up anytime and wherever they want. It is a brilliant idea making Vax for the primary car vacuum.

The model supplied with easy-to-open mouth flips through a touch button for super easy emptying the dust bag. This mechanism reduces the flying dust on disposing of.

What is better than being expected, this small kit can run up to a marvellous 12 minutes without break.

Black + Decker PV1820L-GB 18V Pivot Vacuum

Small but powerful handheld cordless vacuum in the range of Black + Decker Compact Pivot Vac. With a very reasonable price, this handheld vacuum brings lots of alluring features for daily cleaning solutions. The smart and sleek design are two key features that make it looks outstanding to display when in the charging position. When charging, it folds in half and stands upright on the charging base.

Black & Decker’s 18 V Pivot Dustbuster fitted with a high motor and cyclonic technology for the best suction. The brilliantly designed a large translucent dust bowl allows you to easily lift up more debris without the need to empty the unit more frequently with a full control to know when it is time to empty the unit. This is what we say as a matter of efficiency.

The model has a built-in extendable nose gives you benefit to clean awkward areas or a deep down clean. The onboard cleaning brush lets you pick up debris and dust from the soft fittings like an artificial flower in the living room and more.

What are much interesting are the 200-degree pivoting nozzle, double filtration system, and cyclonic action, they are an example of incredible features packed in one small package vacuum cleaner. All of the features even can make your life easier and healthier.

The running time for this class is impressive, rated up to 10 minutes with a fully charged battery. Thanks to the ECO smart charge technology, that charges the battery only in 4 hours. The lithium technology is the match that delivers strong performance and fade-free power.

Ryobi CHV182M ONE+ 18V Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Ryobi CHV182M boasts the superiority of ONE+ system. One subtle benefit offered by Ryobi’s products slotted under ONE+ family, they are sold in a bare unit without battery. It allows you obtaining the best battery offered by Ryobi. The model is compatible with all Ryobi ONE batteries.

The CHV182M is a multi-purpose small handheld vacuum cleaner perfect for general dust collection, picking up DIY mess, as well as functions well for deep-cleaning carpets and hard floors quick cleaning.

Unlike many traditional hand vac, the models fitted with a quick-change replacement filter that enhance the suction quality and prolong the vacuum components. It is also good in design with soft and comfortable handgrip zone. For the money, the CHV182M offers values and outstanding user benefits.

The Verdict

Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner models from Dyson are awesome a but they are expensive. When the money can reach, we would love to tell you that they are incredible.

For smaller cleaning task like picking hair only, you can consider the smaller cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. All item in the list is the flagship from each company.