Best Small Chainsaw for DIY Enthusiast


Most DIY enthusiasts and homeowners want a smaller device with the ability to help them felling small trees, preparing small logs for all summer’s night fire pit, or small cleaning up after a storm. For such of the mentioned jobs, a heavy-duty chainsaw is too excessive. Other than, if you want a bigger machine but still handy for small jobs, there are some professional electric chainsaws worth in practicality, user friendliness operation, less maintenance, and quieter noise. This article intended for individuals whose top priority is a simple as a small chainsaw can do, not more. Small chainsaws are easy to handle, lightweight, and available in various models including electric and petrol. Petrol models are great in term of power and overall performance.

Best Small Chainsaw for DIY Enthusiast
Albeit of their small size, the small chainsaw could mean everything to take for chores around the home. You have to be selective and only go for the best model to make your investment valuable. In addition, for cutting, they do well on trimming and pruning.

We cover a number of the best small chainsaws that money can afford. Hope you find this guide informative.

Determining “Small”

Before you go on reading, you need to know about what we consider as small. We define all chainsaws that have equal or less than 30-centimeter (12-inches) length of the bar are sit in this category. Most of the available models slotted in this category are small chainsaw with 25-cm or 30-cm chain bar length. You can figure out how the device will fit your needs.

In your quest finding the right small chainsaw, you can start listing your needs to determine how much money you will spend. This stage is necessary for the first time buyers. If you’ve experienced with one or two of them, and want a try for a better successor, no wrong you read this article as there is a much better device you can afford with much-reduced price than their predecessor.

Safety and Comfort are the Foremost

Remember that negligence, mistake, carelessness, and ignorance on using chainsaw machine could danger your life. For your safety, it is must to pay attention to any required procedure before using the device. As safety is the most important thing, many manufacturers have developed their product to meet the highest standard of the safety system. When shopping for a chainsaw machine, it is strongly recommended to put safety features on your top list. Read our chainsaw safety tips to jack up your circumspection while using the device for specific jobs.

That help increases the safety is the design and the weight of the device. The more comfortable you can handle, the less fatigue you will suffer and increase your focus simultaneously. The design also determines how you can make such of ripping result of cutting. For people with less arm strength, the electric models could be the best choice.

Best Small Chainsaw with 25-Centimeter (10-Inches) Chain Bar


Great for hobby or occasional use, the device from XXX Tools has ample power and good design. Albeit of its “China-made” badge, most people find it successful to tackle various chores around their home and garden. UK warranty provided for the UK dweller for 12 months. The good design of the device is the top handle that is helpful for one hand operation, reducing fatigue while cutting specific objects require longer rip like when cutting hard wood.

Aimed to enhance the cutting performance, the device uses a 25-cc powerful two-stroke engine coupled to the newly designed chain. Only the truth, you will never get the high-quality chain for a chainsaw in this price range. You can follow our guide to find better chain replacement. Just continue reading.

Part of the system is an easy-start feature, manual/auto chain brake and automatic chain lubrication system.

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Black + Decker GKC1825L20-GB

Perfect for preparing logs, topping and trimming the GKC1825L20-GB provides you with a handy cordless technology ensures you get the right performance with the quietest operation. The low-kickback chain is perfect for agile cutting on dry wood or live logs paired to the SDS chain tensioning system making adjusting the chain doesn’t require any tool. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and occasional users to take on their chores as the benefit of the device lightweight and big machine capacity. Auto oiling system also helps you on easier maintenance.

To ensure you get what you expect, this small chainsaw equipped with a 18V battery.

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AOSOME is the old player on producing DIY equipment and tools. I found it lots with the garden multi tool. Knowing of the AOSOME reliability in UK market, we finally put it on the list. The ASCS 2510 is a small chainsaw with 10-inches (25-centimeter) bar length aimed for homeowners. Considering safety is the most important things, we strongly recommend the device for your first-time chainsaw or your perfect successor. It comes with long list of safety features including ear protector, eye defenders, gloves and safety waist strap.

The other can’t beat the ASCS 2510 in the case of feature completeness and price affordability. 2 chains included in a purchase. In addition, 1 spare Bosch spark is really worth for money. Find out the detail information about the product and bring it home.

As always, you can find a better chain replacement from the other stellar name brand like Oregon if you plan to use the device for more serious cutting like felling small trees or making logs for your fire pit.

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Best Chain Recommendation for 10-Inch (25-cm) Chainsaw:

Best Small Chainsaw with 30-Centimeter (12-Inches) Chain Bar

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MJ Tool MJ-25CC-CS14

Not so popular in the class, but you have to see it. Newly designed starting from 2016, MJ Tools enhance their all chainsaws with the premium quality Oregon chain. Then everything looks ordinary until you see the labelling. Even with the better chain, you save up to 19% off its standard price. Please make sure to check in other stores before you decide to purchase. Come back here when you don’t see better offer.

The new model of MJ-25CC-CS14 carries bigger engine to its predecessor. Now it comes with a whopping 26-cc 2-stroke engine coupled to the essential features like chain sharpener, bar cover, Oregon 0.05” gauge and more compact design. The result, the device is now more compact and easier to use. For small chores, the MJ-25CC-CS14 performs very well.

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WORX WG368E Cordless 30-cm Chainsaw

For the more practical with no cord limitation and no fuss recoiling, then you may like the cordless small chainsaw. Work WG368E has the smaller one with 12-inches (30-centimeter) bar length suitable for small to the medium chores. This electric machine comes with long list of unique features commonly available in the petrol chainsaw. The features are including automatic oil lubrication system, tool-free chain tensioning and replacement, and a unique dual-action blade.

For the price, the device already includes battery and charger. Battery life is critical in the cordless power tool, if you have enough budgeting, getting double batteries very recommended. For electric cordless WORX WG368E chainsaw, it uses the standard battery for all WORX 40V Li-ion garden tools (WORX WA3536 40V Lithium Ion). If you decide the other garden tools from WORX, then the battery is interchangeable with WORX’s WG568E Blower, WG168E Grass Trimmer, WG268E Hedge Trimmer and WG776E Lawn Mower.

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