Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you conceive of robot vacuum cleaner for never having to vacuum again, you may lay it on thick. In the real-world, robot hovers can’t replace the function of human-driven vacuum cleaner entirely. No matter how tiring cleaning floor chores, in truth you still always want to resort once in a while.  Therefore, the best idea for having a bot hover is to take the pain out of a half tiring household chores when you are too busy, away from home, or just excited to show off some fun to the guest as you are a tech-savvy host.

Into the world of robot hover or robot vacuum cleaner, it’s totally different. Anyone should not in a reckless when compare one to another. They should handpick rather than just relying on the famous brand. Among the foremost order when narrowing down the option is to map out particular purpose and features to look out for the best application for a specific condition. It can be relating to the autonomous system, suction capacity, dust removal system, wide of areas and the complexity of the floor space.

You need to know that powerful suction is not only a keynote of robot vacuum cleaner. To see them as a full-function robot you need to pay attention to the tech details like connectivity, remote access, filtration system, navigation coverage, mopping capability and more. Along with this way, we are here to help you narrow down the options by looking at the best technology offered by the latest robot vacuum cleaner available in the market today.

You may also want to see the best robot vacuum cleaner with smart navigation technology that pays off a super efficient floor vacuuming solution. To get you started, here are the best models we’ve picked.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner UK

Even When Money is Not a Barrier

Skeptics were maybe right: “why spending more which finally you have to look for another gadget?” Price is not a guarantee here: as not little pricey robot vacuum cleaners lack versatility. Nevertheless, it is hard to see the best robot vacuum cleaner come without an expensive price tag.

Here are two all-rounders of robot vacuum cleaners worth to pay a little more.

iRobot ROOMBA980 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

In truth, there are many pricier vacuum bots than ROOMBA980, and it is also hard to say ROOMBA980 is inexpensive. Put it in the crowd, ROOMBA980 can win in all aspects. Smart features that pull our attention are including iAdapt 2.0 Responsive Navigation, iRobot Home App, and robust action of suction.

The robot uses a unique cleaning pattern so it is very efficient for cleaning large areas. The built-in clever sensor helps it to map the entire cluttered room and complex furniture arrangement.

Users can benefit either of iRobot Home App or iOS/Android App to control the robot. Using iRobot Home App it even offers further benefits to set the robot autonomously even the user is away from home.

No matter if you have deep carpet, as the machine can increase its performance automatically for deep suction when gliding onto it. When it backs to the hard surface, it reduces the vacuum power to maximize the battery.

The quality performed by iRobot ROOMBA980 is the quality being dedicated for serious suction and vacuuming task. Otherwise, if you wish to add another dedicated mopping gadget that runs autonomously, iRobot also has serious floor mopping robot, called by iRobot Braava 390T.

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Neato Robotics BotVac

BotVac is the Neato Robotics’s flagship in the industry. It specialized as a hair picker with its unique D-shaped body. According to the consumer’s experience, the shape is great to reach hard spot along wall and corners as well as a tight spot under furniture.

Competing models in the class, BotVac brings a patented technology called as LaserSmart Navigation and Mapping function. While alive, the sensor automatically detects and maps the entire room in real-time, so the best benefit, it can determine the most efficient route for thorough cleaning.

Doesn’t like the previous model, BotVac already enhanced with Wi-Fi function so the user can start and control the robot hover via Smartphone wherever they are as long as the phone signal within reach. The intuitive App interface provides scheduling even easier.

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Other Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Otherwise, if you have not many options on budgeting or having smaller space to clean up these cute robot vacuum cleaner feels delighted to clean almost any type of floors.

Eufy Robot Vacuum RoboVac 11

Some folks may want a more simplified model of robot vacuum cleaner. It is great news if you don’t require giving a command to the hover as just showed by ones using Amazon Alexa or high-end Android/iPhone devices, RoboVac is the best choice. Pressing a conventional remote control is the only and simple way to make your RoboVac run.

It is nice to see RoboVac still packs futuristic intelligence remembering of the price strategy offered. For spotless yield, it has 3-point cleaning mechanism: suction, side brushes, and a rolling brush. Eufy RoboVac 11 is great automatic little performer comes with a powerful suction performance rated at 1000pa.


This wondrous small beast comes with technology appeals and powerful cleaning function. Regardless of its very attainable price tag, it has rolling brush ensures no missing dirt from your floor. The feature has been long time recognized and made most of the exclusive robot vacuum cleaners success, that’s a rolling rubber roller. The type of roller is for any type of floors including carpet.

UV light sterilization is a nice addition, which makes possible to turn dust and debris into healthier organic waste. You know it, bacteria and mite is the main problem for the homes with pets. Moreover, when using a wet mopping base you can turn the robot into a clever finisher to polish your floor.

If you are looking for a potent robot vacuum with great suction and amazing cleansing method, then you will not be disappointed utilizing Fonzo.

The Verdict

iRobot ROOMBA980 is the best robot vacuum cleaner as long as the dedicated cleaning performance and smart technology is becoming the two priorities. Otherwise, Eufy Robot Vacuum RoboVac 11 is hard to miss particularly for light duty cleaning or sporadic suction.