Best 3-in-1 Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum


Best 3-in-1 Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum

Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum Quick Buying Advice

The traditional leaf blower function is only to sweep the leaves and debris, the traditional garden vacuum models also only able for lifting leaves and debris. The combination of the leaf blower and garden vacuum creates a powerful tool that functions as leaf blower or vacuum. Most of them come standard with shredder facility that automatically turns the sucked leaves into small clippings that ready to give back to your lawn or garden as beneficial mulches.

There are three types of leaf blower vacuum available in the market classified based on power sources. Sequentially, looked from their level-capability to cope chores, they are cordless, corded electric and petrol leaf blower vacuums. Petrol-powered leaf blower vacuum slotted in the highest-end model that has blowing and suction capability for denser debris in larger areas. They are suitable for weekend gardeners as well as professionals.

Quick List

Most of the petrol leaf blower-vacs are available in two models of designs: handheld and backpack. Working with handheld petrol leaf blower-vac is less convenient, as you need have a strong arm on prolonged use. However, the latest models already include shoulder strap that beneficial to reduce strains. The backpack models are considered bigger in the engine capacity and ideal for heavier duties. Backpack models are more convenient to use as you prop the machine on your back whilst you are focusing on sweeping or suction.

Quick Tips:
In vacuum mode, most of garden leaf blower vac doesn’t perform perfectly on wet leaves and debris.

Many professionals do not recommended to use in vacuum mode until the leaves and debris are getting dry.

Wet materials will cause frequent clogging on the shredder.

Alternatively you can sweep the wet leaves first into open areas and wait until the humidity level decreased, and then you can suck the debris.

Even so, picking manually by hand on wet materials is much more recommended than picking up with machine.
If you are dealing with all-season wet weather in your sites, then forget about multi-function blower and go for blower only.

Shopping for a petrol-powered leaf blower-vac can be daunting for the first timer. Then you can read our review on the best petrol leaf blower-vac then you can easily put one of them into your consideration. All of them are the most popular brand you can find in the UK.

List of Best Petrol Leaf Blower-Vacuum Available in the Market Today

EPIK SLB26 26cc

For a multifunction garden tool with a big engine, UK specification and sleek design. This machine boasts a 26-cc petrol engine featuring an air-cooled system for unbeatable running hours. It boasts a clever digital ignition system that makes it stands out from the crowd. Adding peace of mind, the user can quickly change between single hand blowing mode into two hands blowing mode. The model comes standard with a massive 40L collection bag.

New model in 2017, this 3-in-1 blower provides you versatility, power and comfort.

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Efco SA 3000 30.5 cc Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum

This particular model of blower + vacuum from Efco designed to meet every level of users. It boasts an incredible eco-friendly 30.5-cc that meet to Euro 2 emission standard, making it suitable for any commercial or domestic situation. Its professional grade engine comes with the industry leading Vibcut technology in providing the quietest engine to meet every user’s requirement in residential areas and suburban environments use. If comfort and convenience are your foremost aspect to consider, then this machine a no-nonsense choice.

User convenience further enhanced by Primer and Lift Starter system making starting-up easier in all occasion. The throttle lock function enables users to achieve the most powerful blowing rated at 70m/second of airflow speed.

Efco is produced by EMAK, the Italy’s leading manufacturer of garden machinery. Through this particular model, Efco aimed to individuals whose top priorities are qualities and long-list of equipment assortments. The Snap-fit filter cover gives you easy access for air filter maintenance.

For shredding the leaves, it armed with a metal mulching blade with a ratio of 12:1 making it best on creating clippings and that reduced downtime and maximize the bag capacity.

Last update was in: February 19, 2021 3:44 am
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McCulloch MAC GBV345 Leaf Blower, Vac Plus Shredder

For small to the large area in the home and commercial environments, McCulloch MAC GBV345 is a super handy power tool that delivers a powerful blow and strong suction. It has an anti vibration system, so you don’t have to give a compensate to your neighbour each time you pull the trigger. A very incredible function you can afford in low cost mainly is the blowing capacity.  For blowing, its powerful 26-cc engine can deliver powerful blow rated at 140 Mph airflow speed. For vacuuming, it boasts powerful suction that continues to shred the leaves into clippings and distributed to the large 45L collection bag.

A very incredible feature you can afford in low cost mainly is the reliable engine that McCulloch ever made incorporated to an adjustable cruise control. So you can maintain the constant speed of blowing or vacuuming if it is necessary. The system is also considerably prolonging the engine life.  If the convenience is a top priority on your list, this petrol leaf blower vacuum + shredder is worth to consider.

Last update was in: February 19, 2021 3:44 am
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Parker 3-in-1 Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum

This garden vac blower has an ample power output rated at 0.70 kW (1 horsepower) ideal for light to heavy duty. Its 23-cc 2-stroke engine is not lightweight for all type of users. However, if you feel that, you have a strong muscle to lift the machine on prolonged use; this is where you go for an affordable multi function garden vacuum blower.

It packs 3-in-1 tools (blower + vacuum + shredder) in one solid-built machine ideal for your next preparation to tidy up falling leaves in autumn. It sucks on any level of the ground easily.

When you need to give back the shredded leaves to the soil, then the big collection bag will manage the clippings tidily.

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Greenyard 26cc 3 in 1 Petrol Leaf Blower

This is where you should go for a high-speed blower offered at an insanely affordable price. For this, you only ought to spend at just lower of hundred pounds (current price). Special features are including powerful engine, 3-in-1 functions, and a large 45L mulch bag capacity.

The model only weighed at 5.39 kg in vacuum mode and only 4 kg in blowing mode. This is enough lightweight even lifted up by women.  For vacuuming, it has a powerful motor capable for compacting mulch ready for disposal or composting.

Last update was in: February 19, 2021 3:44 am

The Verdict

Whereas the cheaper electric leaf blower is filling the market today, petrol leaf blower vacuum is still irreplaceable is power and functionality. DIY doer has to be selective when shopping for a petrol leaf blower vacuum because they come differently in specification and features.

From the list above, EPIK SLB26 26cc is the example of petrol leaf blower vacuum that comes with a long list of features. For a serious DIY planner, that’s a worth-buy machine.