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Solve a little confusion

Designed for one-hand operation, palm sander in some cases referred as mouse sanders, but there are slight differences between the two. Sometimes, market trending differs of the both especially on the design, but in truth, they could probably have the same in function. Mouse sanders are typically had random orbital sanding method, while palm sanders are available in orbital and random orbital models. In US market, palm sanders and mouse sanders both are well-known models and equally as popular among DIY users and professionals. If you want to shop in this category then digging information first would be strongly recommended.

Quick List for Best Palm Sander

Another breakdown:

Peoples also make a difference between sheet sander and random orbital sander. Defining right here, aside from the shape of the sanding surface, there are clear differences between the two. Sheet sanders, which typically referred as palm sander (Palm Sheet Sander) because they use partial sheets of the standard sandpaper, while mouse sanders or random orbital sanders built in with typical sander disc. One major advantage loved by most users from the sheet sanders, they can purchase the sanding sheet replacement almost anywhere at super affordable price.

Moreover, if you want to find out pros and cons of the palm sheet sander you can see table below for further inspection:

Sheet Sander Pros and Cons



  • Plenty of inexpensive models
  • Changing the sheet sandpaper like a breeze and
    available in various grit
  • Many models come with square pad perfect for
    sanding into corners
  • Lightweight, designed to fit into palm of hand
  • Using clamps down sandpaper mechanism – doesn’t
    getting too lax easily
  • The more modern has velcro fastening system
  • Several models support the vacuum dust suction
  • Rectangular sole ideal for sanding large and flat
    surfaces like a wall, wood floor, stairs, etc
  • Perfect for sanding between coats
  • Doesn’t remove material as quick as random
    orbital sanders (mouse sander)
  • Not for finishing
  • Sheet paper prone to tears and break easily
  • Need frequent changing of the sheet sandpaper on
    work out
  • Leaving swirls finish
  • More hand fatigue

Which is better? Random orbital or palm sheet sander?

Always try comparing apple to apple and not apple to mango. As part to consider when shopping a power sander, you have to know which is best for your actions and tasks. Further information on mouse sander you can read my post right here. Moreover, a serious woodworking enthusiast or professional won’t differ between the two, because they require both power sanders as each has its un-interchangeable benefits, features, and functions.

Tips for the beginner that envision tons of weekend woodworking projects, furniture remodelling, and refinishing, they would be wise going with a random orbital sander, but spending extra money on palm sheet sander as an addition will set you into remodelling tasks freedom.

How to not mess up wood grain with palm sheet sander

Everyone loves wood grain and this is what nature gives to us. Therefore, don’t mess up the beauty. Working with palm sheet sander needs more effort to have a great finish. Those why you can do these tips:

  • Sand progressively (slow sanding)
  • Lessen sanding against the grain to avoid swirl patterns
  • You need to eliminate the swirl marks step by step using sanding pad’s motion
  • Follow-up with manual hand sanding for the final touch

If you ready to shop, consider the following aspects to find the best from the sort

Aspects of comfort and feel are the foremost for many DIY enthusiast and professionals. Dealing with the matter, all power sanders are producing a specific amount of vibrations. Put it in our priority, and then it is getting harder to evident what is the right machine that vibrates low especially when we shop online. However, there no one can turn down his or her intention to online shopping, because of the price appeal. One best way is only listing a power sander from the well-known brands. If you doubt on picking one, then ask the pro.

The second way to pay attention for best palm sander is looking at the extras. Extras might in the form of technology, features, add-ons, materials quality, warranty, etc. The more expensive best palm sanders might offer things you never imagine before. Follow updates on palm power sander by bookmarking this blog entry.

Squiring you finding the best model of palm sheet sander, we will suggest you a number of the time-tested models suitable for serious DIY enthusiast and homeowners practitioners. Check the list below:

Makita BO3710

Makita BO3710 is a 1/3-inch sheet orbital sander equipped with rubberized soft grip suitable to take on the workout in your home workshop. Unique features are including large clamping for easy and effortless changing the sanding paper, and large dust collector for a clean working environment. The model is available in 110V and 240V easy to match your mains power supply. Makita BO3710 is a great little sander with less vibration.

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Black + Decker KA330EKA-GB DUOSAND

An inexpensive good little palm sander from stellar name brand Black + Decker. Aside from the price appeal, the KA330EKA-GB comes with lots of features that ready to take on various flat surface sanding between coating, paint removal, etc.

As a hybrid model in the lineups, DUOSAND has a built-in dual fan system that makes dust collection more efficient. The dust will be collected into the canister for easier maintenance and dust removal. You can use it for the wood surface with the available standard 6 sanding paper included. Giving you an ultimate control, the model has a comfortable grip zone for easy one hand sanding.

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Makita BO3711

Offered by Makita BO3711 is something rarity in the palm sander line-ups. It provides you full control through electronic speed control. Makita palm sanders are popular on their extra motor power – for this particular model is designed for one or two hand operation. What is next to look is the punch plate, yes the model supplied with the punch plate for making the holes as the way of the dust collection to the supplied detachable dust bag. To change the sand paper you can simply access through a large lever. For the optimum sanding performance at different speed, then look no further.

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DeWalt D26421

A reliable palm sheet sanders recommended for a professional and serious woodworker, the D26421 designed to tackle tougher sanding tasks on various surfaces. It powered by a powerful motor coupled to the robust aluminium bearing seat ideal for continuous and a long life use. At the given price, it is good finding it very versatile with a variable speed control that orbit between 12,000 and 22,000 per minute. Ideal for a smooth finish and shaping various materials, it supplied with a small size of the orbit. Through the option, you can fit the device with an optional hook and loop base pad for fast sanding sheet replacement. As the standard, it comes with easy action abrasive sheet clips that hold the sheet strongly. DeWalt D26421 is an all-rounder you can afford in very competitive price.

In addition to the standard dust bag for dust collection, you can integrate the device through a vacuum cleaner for an unmetered clean and healthy working place.

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Makita BO4900V

The BO4900V is one of Makita’s best-selling orbital palm sanders across Europe and United States. Features to see are including large levers beneficial for changing the sandpaper sheet, perfect dust extraction through hook & loop sheet pad, can be integrated into vacuum hose for great dust suction, and double insulation system for extremely quiet and low vibration operation.

Easy to control the device through a different material surface and easy to adjust the speed to achieve perfect finish via variable speed trigger.

Last update was in: February 18, 2021 2:52 pm
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Black + Decker KA330E-QS

The newer variant of DUOSAND small palm sheet sander from Black + Decker designed with robust constructions and advanced technology. It features a canister for quick dust collection and easy dust removal to keep your working place clean. The dust disposal mechanism already supported with good dust extraction mechanism through the hollowed sanding sheet. Changing the paper is easy as it already fitted with velcro fastening system.

Last update was in: February 18, 2021 2:52 pm

The Verdict

Without any tendencies to the give name brands, we have to admit that the two models from B&D are outstanding palm sanders come with a unique feature that makes workout becomes more hygienic: that’s the dust management system. If you think about power and robustness, of course, DeWalt. In term of technological attractiveness, then Makita could be the best palm sander.