10 Best Laser Tape Measure in UK for DIY


DIY projects oftentimes involve a measuring tool as a helper to accomplish such of basic needs like measuring curtain, window coverings to tackling such bigger jobs like installing garden pipes, make over the sidewalk and other tasks. You are now reading the right article to accompany your quest finding the best laser tape measure that will succeed your old retractable metal tape measure. The laser models are new and more practical to use. After of this short intro, you can find one of the best models that may fit your needs.

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Laser Tape Measure at a Glance

Laser measuring tape comprises a set of digital component and laser device to calculate the distance. The number of distance calculation is done through precision optics and laser physics using one of the two most used mechanisms. One is using the phase-shift and another is using time-of-flight mechanism. With the first mechanism, when the laser beam hits an object it will send back a direct reflection to the laser device and calculate the distance and then displayed in user-preferred meter unit in the digital display. With the time-of-flight mechanism, the device produces an optical pulse. The time spent for an optical pulse to reflect back to the device presented in readable value through a digital display screen.
Laser Tape Measure
For various of measuring jobs, laser tape measure can deliver accurate result even for metering a long distance in various job sites. If you are thinking that you need one of them, then we have gathered numbers of the best laser tape measure ideal for any types users including DIY and home based projects. Most of them are also comes with data recording facility as well as multi-measurement modes.

10 Best-Reviewed Laser Tape Measure in the UK:

Leica Disto X310 Laser Distance Measure

Leica Disto X310 is small and robust laser measuring tape ideal for construction use. You can also simply use this digital meter for the various DIY project including measuring height when the reflection point is not feasible. It designed using durable and water & dust resistance housing with IP65 certification. You can clean the tool using water.

For the most versatile digital meter, it is worth for the price, especially when you need a high degree of metering precision. Other functions are including triangular and rectangular areas calculation such as dimensions and volumes. The height tracking function is a plus where you don’t need such of reflection point to be available. The model measures up to 80-meters without reflector and 120-meters with a reflector.

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Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measurer

Leica DiSTO D2 can measure up to 60 meters and accuracy within 1.5-mm, making it ideal for measuring small to large projects. It has 3 line illuminated screen that displays up to 3 measurements all together with minimum and maximum measurements. Calculation functions are including volume, addition, area, and subtraction.

For DIY projects, it is suitable for flooring, woodworking and many other jobs. Adding peace of mind, the unit already comes with memory recall for up to 10 last measurements. It supplied with AAA long lasting battery. Help you keep the measure close in your hand reach, it also equipped with wrist strap.

Last update was in: February 23, 2021 3:49 pm
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Bosch PLR 25 Laser Rangefinder

The PLR 25 measures distance up to 25 meters with high precision and accuracy. In addition to measure length, Bosch PLR 25 also measure volume and area. It offers intuitive function buttons that let you make a calculation on addition and subtraction and operate other available functions. The large digital display shows all measuring results at a glance, making it ideal for any type of users.

With only 180-g in weight, this innovative laser distance meter is easy to bring to anywhere and for storage. To start using the tool, all you need is only push the ‘red’ measuring button at the top centre and the tool will give you precise measurement with an accuracy of two millimetres.

Last update was in: February 23, 2021 3:49 pm
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GLM 50 C Professional Laser Measure

This is the new version of Bosch DLE 40. For an entry-level model of laser tape measure, GLM 50 C already packs all of the basic functions of metering distance, length, area, and volume. The tiny size of the tool is perfect to keep it safe in the small pocket or in the carry pouch included.

If DLE 40 has an IP54 certification for the finest splash and dust resistance, then the GLM 50 C keeps the similar quality, but with more features.   Both DLE 40 and GLM 50 C come with laser technology that has 1.5-mm of accuracy. The GLM 50 C measures up to 50 m distance/length.

Outstanding features to the GLM 50 C are including Bluetooth and smart documentation system using GLM App. Adding more versatility, it has a 360-degree tilt sensor for angle measurement and levelling applications.

Last update was in: February 23, 2021 3:49 pm
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Qyuhe Laser Measure Distance Meter 100 M

A high-quality product comes with CE, FCC and FDA Certification, making use without worry. This is the 100-meter model from Qyuhe and has been used by many professional and DIYers. Qyuhe doesn’t only provide a precise measurement tool, but also offers attractive design. The model features anti-skidding lines on the sides adding comfort and reliable gripping.

All measurements functions can be displayed in various measurement units including metrics, inches, feet and decimal feet. Functions are including indirect Pythagorean Theorem, continuous measurement, addition, subtraction and much more.

All of the Qyuhe laser tape measures are ideal for routine measurements, room measurement, building measurement, etc.

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Stanley TLM65 Laser Distance Measurer

From famous brand, Stanley, the TLM65 determines length and distance up to 20 meters. This is kind of small laser digital measure you can afford at a very competitive price. It packs all features required by professionals and DIYers for helping measurement of various project designs in the residential or commercial circumstances. In addition to its primary function, Stanley TLM65 does a perfect calculation system to the volume and area in which all can be displayed in metric and imperial measurement units.

DIY users will find it very easy to use, as there are no complicated functions and buttons. Another special feature is the automatic shutdown.

Last update was in: February 23, 2021 3:49 pm
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Suaoki S9 Laser Tape Measure

Great alternative for a super affordable pocket laser measurement comes with array functionalities with a smart 4-line display. All result can be set among of three measurement units, meters, inches, or feet. Regardless of the price, Suaoki S9 has an incredible accuracy in less than 1/6. It also measures area, volume, addition, subtraction, and Pythagoras for measuring triangular height.

One more benefit, it uses a water-resistant rubber case that helps protect the device from water splash and dust. However, it is not recommended to encounter lots of water (IP54).

The LCD display is large and has bright white backlighting making it easy to read even in the low light condition. Suaoki 9S reaches up to 100-meter length/distance.

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Tacklife Handheld Laser Distance Meter

Tacklife is for practical measuring up to 80 meters. It boasts precision laser measuring technology, advanced functionality, and user-oriented design. The precision result is the benefit of high-accuracy laser supported with automatic error report and auto-correction technology. Suited for global level users, it comes with various measurement units including inches, meters, and feet. The bright laser pointer is useful for easier targeting. The laser intensity indication also helps for fast and accurate measuring.

Never worrying of the last data records, this pocket-sized measure adopts the most advanced technology in the class with up to 100 data records capability. Other features are including auto/manual power off function and low battery indication.

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Excelvan Newest Handheld Laser Distance Meter

Ideal for residential or commercial uses, this model designed to meet the most specific measurement needs. Available in two models, suitable for measuring up to 100 meters distance. With accuracy up to 2mm, it is perfect for various measurement modes for length, distance, volume, and area. For further requirement, users are eligible to use the Pythagorean Theorem for indirect measurements.

In the class, this range finder is one of the most affordable models you can buy in the market. However, in this strategic price, it still provides quality and quantity. Measurement modes can be selected through intuitive buttons. A large LCD display provides clear and crisp measurement data value for easy reading and comparison.

Additional features like 100 data records, auto correction and spirit level tool and error report technology.

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ELEPHAS Digital Distance Laser Meter

This is the best cheap laser tape measure you can pick right now. ELEPHAS digital distance laser meter comes with complete functions and measuring length range up to 80 meters making it hard to differ with the more expensive models. It is unbeatable for uses in normal condition job sites.

Functions included are ranging from single-distance measurement, continuous measurement, area measurement, indirect measurement using Pythagoras, and volume measurement. It carries the double injection laser distance, which considered more durable. For reading the measurement results is easy through the 4-line LCD display. ELEPHAS is available in three different models: small, medium and XL size.

The Verdict

All of the listed digital laser tape measures are the sort of best device you can find in the market especially for DIY-oriented tasks. However, if you want to spend a little bit more money, the name brand like Leica is also often found used in the industrial environments.