Best Jigsaw Power Tool for DIY Enthusiast: Review, Tips, and Buying Guide


DIY doer often asking how to make curve cuts in wood, hardboard, a piece of hardwearing material or even metal. Even if there are many ways to make such as the needs, the simplest opt is using jigsaw as long as the cutting depth expected is not exceeding 150 mm (most common maximum depth in wood). Otherwise, there are no tools can cut deeper than scroll saw or band-saw. Saws with greater cutting depth serve more possibility to cut through a wider variety of materials.

As a Jigsaw is weighing not more than 5 kg, it is suitable to use by anyone man or women. Over here, we try to guide you finding the best models of jigsaw power tool (corded models) that suit to any DIY projects.

What can a jigsaw is used for?

Cut Straight Consistently

You will not be able to make a straight cut using a jigsaw unless with these simple tricks:

  • It is all about the guide bearing which is only becomes part of a high-quality brand. You are impossible making a straight cut consistently without a guide-equipped jigsaw. Fortunately, any of the best jigsaw power tools available in the market today has the feature as standard.
  • Only choose a high-quality blade that will not easy to bend or jammed. A high-quality blade made from a high quality material.
  • Mount your jigsaw on the table for permanent uses.

Cut Curves Smoothly

There are many possibilities to make curve cuts in the surface of various materials. For example, you can use a router, handsaw, or a circular saw.  Jigsaw takes part in the most elaborate tasks none the quickest one. It performs for an artistry yields rather than regular curves. For gradual curves, you can cut faster using circular saw. Still, jigsaw cuts better with tidier traces.

Create a Hole

Jigsaw can create various shapes of holes, no matter of the sizes and diameters. The most important thing it needs a path to drive the saw into the line part of the shapes.

Cut Faster with Pendulum Action

One of the most popular technical features comes with modern jigsaws today is the orbital setting which also known as the pendulum action. The feature allows a user to cut thicker and harder material faster in a straight line.

What kind of materials can a jigsaw cut?

You can cut array of different materials using a best jigsaw power tool including aluminum plate, sheet metal, wood, plastics, plasterboard, ceramic tile, fiberglass, laminate and many more depending on the blade type.

Can a jigsaw cut hard materials?

Yes, it can – with the correct blade size and type. The smaller TPI (Teeth per Inch) cuts slower with smoother yields. The bigger TPI (Teeth per Inch) cuts faster with rougher results.  For a tough material, it would be better to install the blade with small TPI.

How thick can a jigsaw cut into the materials?

It is varies. The professional grade jigsaws have up to 150 mm or more cutting-depth. The more compacts have less cutting depth.

One more thing, the power of motor also determines how well a jigsaw performs.  Before spending money on a jigsaw, it is better to make sure everything especially if you are the new on this machine.

Our Pick of 5 Best Jigsaw Power Tool for DIY Projects

If it is the time to choose, actually there are many choices for DIY enthusiasts starting from the compact to the heavy-duty power jigsaw. The compact models are suitable for women and for small jobs. We’ve also found the old-school models with its all superiority that still match to the modern’s requirements which are including power efficiency, ergonomics and robustness. So, check them out.

For the Optimum Comfort: Bosch PST 700 E

If you are looking for a compact jigsaw, perhaps you should look at PST 700 E. You can take it for everyday DIY route without worrying of too much electricity bills for it is one of the most efficient jigsaws in the market. PST 700 E has a compact design and weighing less than two kilograms. Although you may think that the PST 700 E is kind of little jigsaw, but with a whopping 500 W power motor, it is one of the best machine you can take for almost DIY cuts around the house.

What makes it more attractive, PST 700 E is a robust jigsaw that already equipped with some handy modern features that make works become tidier, easier, and cleaner. Best features to look for are including blast air function, tool-less T-type blade change system (accept all type of blades), and sturdiness.

What you get in the box is including a set of saw blade for cutting fiberboard, chipboard, softwoods, and plywood.

Last update was in: October 11, 2021 12:48 pm

Bosch PST 800 PEL

Bosch PST 800 PEL is another example of the best power jigsaw aimed at the prosumer who don’t want to allocate too much budget in the DIY routes. PST 800 has a slight similar compactness to the PST 700 E model but with bigger core. It has 530 watt of electric motor beneficial for 10 mm deeper cutting. However, if the cutting depth is not your main concern, you can look at the Bosch’s CutControl as a straight-sawing guide system. PST 700 E does not have this feature, but air blast feature sometimes is enough for type of conscientious people.

Another key feature offered by PST 800 PEL is the four-stage orbital pendulum swing, which allows more freedom when cutting materials beginning from smooth-to-rough yields to the slow-to-fast cuttings. Looking at the price, PST 800 PEL is truly appealing choice whether for amateur or professional users.

Last update was in: October 11, 2021 12:48 pm

Affordable Choice for Rookie: URCERI 3000 RPM JIGSAW

Assumed when the firmness is not the main decisive factor in your consideration, here we propose one less popular brand, but already accepted by most users in term of standard quality and functions in the DIY environments. From the side of price, it may be nothing compared to the rest mentioned products over here. What you have to know, there are many appealing features.

We spotlight two main features that might become rarity within an affordable jigsaw: the whopping overload-capable 810 w motor, and the adjustable angle cut located right above base-plate up to 45 degree. This last feature is beneficial for less skillful person to make inclined cut precisely without losing strong grip.

Unfortunately, you can expect much on the overall built quality, which makes UCERI is not suitable for prolonged works and heavy duty sawing.

Last update was in: October 11, 2021 12:48 pm

The Unmitigated Jigsaw: Makita 4350FCT

Someone said, when it comes to reviewing Makita, actually there is no longer any doubt to tell. Without exception, Makita jigsaw is also popular worldwide. Fortunately, what we brought to you this time is already familiar among DIY and professional users.

Makita 4350FCT is an unmitigated jigsaw that offers balance between power and precision. It has steady orbital action enhanced with smooth changing speed system. In addition, the clever designing from the sturdy aluminum base to the rubberized grip makes cutting more accurate whether it is straight or curves.

Last update was in: October 11, 2021 12:48 pm

Heavy-Duty Jigsaw Power Tool: Bosch Professional GST 150 BCE

GST 150 BCE is the heavy-duty jigsaw. Someone dealing with working DIY on a more frequent basis maybe wants this old-fashioned machine. Well, it is the corded 110 V jigsaw and not functioning in today’s modern sphere without transformer. However, if you can attain the transformer, there are amazing features to look for.

GST 150 BCE has everything to deal with tough jobs starting from power, precision, ergonomics, modern technology, and strong body.

Last update was in: October 11, 2021 12:48 pm

Our Choice

Out of five choices of jigsaw power tool above we recommend Makita 4350FCT in the first place. It is because Makita 4350FCT is an all-around jigsaw that tackles almost any sawing projects. Nevertheless, if you will use jigsaw for non-regular basis, the four jigsaws mentioned are more than capable to take into DIY routes even the less pricey URCERI 3000 RPM JIGSAW.