UK Best File Sander (Power File Belt Sander/Mini Belt Sander)


Back in five years from now, you would find that file sander was fairly rare, but not for now. Numbers of the new generation of file sanders hit the online market, and you can find it easily elsewhere.

File sander, which is also popular as power file belt sander or mini belt sander is irreplaceable for particular tasks due to its unique belt design and size. It can remove rust, shape wood, sharpen blades and tools, and give a perfect finish and other countless tasks on various surfaces like wood, metal and plastics. Through this blog entry, we came up with the best sort of the models hit the market today.

The subject matter when shopping for a file sander (or probably almost belt sanders) is looking at the roller quality. The best file sander unit or machine can hold the sanding belt properly, which generally supplied with a particular mechanism such as screw operated tracking belt that prevents the belt from coming off the roller. Many complain on crappy models are relating to this aspects.

Moreover, the best file sander or power file belt sander doesn’t get easy becoming hot after 10 minutes of continuous application. Then, if you have to avoid noise in your working place, you can also find the model that superior in quiet operation. The last sentence you can take as an advice, the best model of file sander always come with better dust management system as working with low grit sanding belt can produce lots of dust.

Best File Sander Names You Can Consider


Makita 9032 maybe has the smallest belt size in the class measured at less than 1cm (assuming most of the file sander are having 1.3cm belt size). Looking at the price, this is an amazingly small and lightweight kit to take on occasional and daily routine. Its compact design is ideal for sanding in close quarters. Other characteristics including adjustable belt tracking, pivoting sanding arm up to 100-degree, and variable speed control to meet every application at right speed. Makita 9032 is superior to sand in a tight place, which every craftsman need such tool.

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Powerplus POWX139

Perfect for healthier and cleaner working environment, this mini belt sander equipped with great dust management system. The product supplied with dust bag collection, but the user can attach it into the vacuum if they wish to achieve better dust disposal mechanism. It uses the standard 13mm x 457mm belt size and supplied with 10 assorted belts. Powering the Powerplus POWX139 is a robust 400W motor 230V making ideal to endure during prolonged works. An adjustable arm angle is a great feature beneficial for sanding hard-to-reach areas. Adding peace of mind, this product comes with 2-year home user warranty.

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Clarke CPF13

If you plan to have an all-day sanding, better you look at this compact yet versatile tool. Clarke CPF13 has a built-in lock-on switch enables users for continuous working without hassle. This compact mini-belt power sander is ideal for filing, removing rust spots, shaping or sharpening blades, and other sanding tasks on various profile including metal, plastic, and wood. For better dust management system, this compact unit comes standard with dust extraction facility. The variable-speed adjustment enables users to get the right and constant speed to match on various applications.

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Are you looking for the most versatile precision sander at a very competitive price? Then look no further. FERM EFM1001 supplied with three different sanding arms for the optimum sanding result in every situation and various application possibilities.

  • Sanding arm 8mm is ideal for sanding on narrow spots like keyholes
  • Sanding arm 13mm is ideal to neaten and sooth such rough edges or ridges on various surfaces like wood, metal or plastic
  • Sanding arm curved 13mm has a short nose ideal to take out on small curved surfaces like tubes or handrails. This multifunctional sanding arm is rare from contenders.

In addition to the three different sanding arms, it supplied with a robust electric motor that rated at 400W variable in speed from 1070 – 1650 m/min, providing fast sanding action.

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Silverline Silverstorm Power File Belt Sander

This is one of the most popular names in the class of mini belt sander or file belt sander, offered at a very competitive price. International, as well as UK buyers, will get a long 3 years guarantee. The unit comprises of 22 sanding belts 13mm x 457mm consist of various high-quality grit assortment made by aluminium oxide with fully resin bonded. The product features slim and ergonomic design rated far less bulky than many other electric file sanders on the market. It is easy to manoeuvre and supported with adjustable sanding arm helping it to access in the awkward profiling.

The key feature of this unit is high versatility and agility, while the power is rated at 260W. When the motor power is not your priority, then this is another lightweight and best file sander on the market.

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Black & Decker KA900E

From B&D, the most popular mini sander already owned by million users across the world, KA900E is great in the aspects of lightweight, stellar in popularity and quality, powerful and excellent value for money. Let us help you listing what you can do with KA900E Electric Mini Sander:

  •  Finishing apertures like door locks
  • Working with curved surfaces
  • Sanding wood furniture
  • Filing down nails head
  • Sharpening blades and tools
  • Removing rust from metal surface
  • Working with ceramic tiles
  • And many hundreds more tasks

One great feature offered by the KA900E is the screw-operated belt tracking helping users can operate the sanders easily without worrying the belt from coming off the roller. In addition, it comes with excellent dust management system featuring cyclonic action for an unbeatable cleaner and healthier work area.

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Evolution File Sander

It’s been seven years since its existence in Amazon, and a number of fans are continuously growing. Buyers experience and their satisfaction tell the truth about Evolution File Sander quiet operation, agile to manoeuvre, and versatile to reach awkward areas. It doesn’t boast frills, but only the way it is: a powerful and long-last best file sander. Special for UK buyers, they will get an extended two years warranty.

Good features offered by Evolution File Sander are including adjustable sanding arm up to 120 degrees, variable speed control from 300-1700 rpm, solidly built housing, and practical dust management system using dust bag. Evolution File Sander is unbeatable in the case of portability and quiet operation.

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Silverline Silverstorm 247820

The UK pick! Premium quality file sander, excellent value for money. The Silverstorm 247820 provides a smart inline motor design for optimum balance and easier manoeuvre. Here the difference is subtle to the most electric mini-sanders that have a side-positioned motor. For particular tasks of sanding, finishing and polishing, buyers can make an upgrade to the unit with the right attachment for the improved performance.

Buy along with the Silverline belt 5 set, and you will have belts assortments to deal with more variety of applications.

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