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If you think cordless is not enough powerful whereas petrol is too heavy, then go for mains-powered hedge trimmers. However, working with a long reach hedge trimmer requires more courage, although it has a lightweight electric motor unit. Holding a long reach hedge trimmer on a full-length extension is not easy for everyone. Then it is why you need an electric long reach hedge trimmer to reduce strain especially for long periods of trimming.

We listed some of the electric hedge trimmers that can reach a very tall height of hedgerows and hedge tops with up to 3.5 meters of heights. Most of them fitted with an adjustable head that improves your access to any cutting situations. Now, it is a right time to say goodbye to the helping ladder.

List of Best-Reviewed Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmers:

Grizzly EHS900L Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

This is a mains-powered long reach hedge trimmer (240 V) that offers superb quality machinery, powerful electric motor, balanced body design and a whopping total length suitable for reaching very tall or difficult to reach areas of hedgerows. Grizzly EHS900L will assist those of you often dealing with difficulties on trimming the top of tall hedges in your garden with the help of a loop handle and an adjustable shoulder strap.

This super machine has an overall length of 2.61 meters gives you access to all areas. The 150-degree adjustable cutting blade gives you flexibility in the awkward sites. Powering EHS900L electric long reach hedge trimmer is a powerful 900 W electric motor with the high-quality metal transmission. The ideal size teeth pitch and high-quality blade help you to cut and slice the thickness of your hedgerows top.

This electric long reach hedge trimmer has a reasonably long cable length with 3-pin plug. Adding cable safety and flexibility, it has fixed with a clever cable-strain relief system. Grizzly EHS900L Long Reach Electric Hedge Trimmer is an ideal choice for every entry-level user as well as great for professional users for their supplementary power tool.

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Ryobi RPT4545M 450 W Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Garden owners with hedgerows tall up to 3 meters they can choose for the Ryobi RPT4545M electric long hedge trimmer. This is a lightweight tool to help to reorganize your disorganized hedgerows. The smart reciprocating double-sided blade is stronger and it produces less noise. The extension pole helps you trim the tops of the tallest hedges with no hassle.

For an unparalleled cutting performance and reaching the heights, Ryobi Ryobi RPT4545M 450 W Pole Hedge Trimmer has everything you need such as 45-cm cutting blade length with 20 mm of cutting capacity, 2.7-meter with full extension, ergonomic design and handle, strap harness, powerful laser-cut diamond ground blade, and an 135-degree articulating head systems. All of the features make you even easier to keep your garden clean, tidy and healthy.

Another thing what makes it very versatile, the machine only weighed at 4.1 kg that eases you to move around and reduces strain for long periods uses.

Last update was in: October 9, 2021 6:43 pm

Bosch AMW 10 HS Multi-Tool with Pole Hedgecutter Attachment

This is one great instance of Bosch garden multi-tool. Through this multi-tool, because can add other extensions such as pole pruner and grass trimmers as well as addition pole extension for cutting unruly very tall hedgerows. Even without the pole extension, when you hold it vertically, it can reach up to 3 meters. In addition, if you need more, opting for the pole extension it will give you an unparalleled height. This machine gives you a freedom to reach a height from where you standing on the ground.

Another is good, the 1000 W motor unit send a robust power for best cutting performance. This machine fitted with 43 cm blade with 15 mm tooth opening. This is good enough if you have such of medium-weight branches to tidy up.

For a good balance and cutting position, it has equipped with an adjustable handle and shoulder strap. For cutting, the top of your hedgerows is easier as it fitted with 180-degree angle adjustment.

Last update was in: October 9, 2021 6:43 pm

eSkde LPHT1 Electric Long Reach Telescopic Pole Hedge Trimmer

eSkde LPHT1 Electric Long Reach Telescopic Pole Hedge Trimmer is not best in overall performance, but decent to consider from the aspect of the appealing price and long-reach feature. eSkde LPHT can reach up to 3 meters from where you standing on the ground. This machine is good with 450 mm twin sided blade, but it doesn’t provide such of robust cutting performance as it coupled only with 450 W motor. This power tool is ideal for trimming small to the medium weight of the unruly hedges.

There is no easier manner cutting of the hedge top than using a helping tool. Fortunately, this tool already equipped with adjustable head. With this feature, you are able to not only clean up the overgrowth but also trim them into any shape you want.

eSkde LPHT1 is great garden tool offered at a very negotiable price.

Einhell GGHH9048 900 W Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Einhell GGHH9048 is great profiling of an electric long reach hedge trimmer with features you need: 2,5-meter overall length (measured from bottom end to the top end of cutting blade set straight), tilt cutting head, rotating read handle, additional adjustable handle, high-quality blade, and ample 900 W motor. This is a reliable garden tool from the stellar name brand with robust performance. The surprise is you don’t need to spend extra budget for this powerful machine.

Einhell GGHH9048 gives you freedom on working horizontally or vertically. All of the mentioned features are what you will get for the most enjoyable working within any condition of yard and garden. For any cutting situation, the feature like rotating rear handle is advantageous to make cutting more precise.

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Black & Decker PH5551 Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Black & Decker PH5551 has everything if you want a hedge trimmer for fast and effective trimming. It fitted with a 550-W motor that provides ample power for the finest cutting performance. The model is extendable up to 2.3 meters in overall length. It is well-constructed electric long reach hedge trimmer with 180-degree pivoting cutting head with five different lockable positions for reaching a very tall height of hedge top and other difficult areas.

Free extras including safety glasses and lubricant spray that worth for tens pounds!

Last update was in: October 9, 2021 6:43 pm

The Verdict

All of the tools are known in popularity from stellar name-brands. As maybe you’re an amateur gardener, the cheapest from eSkde is also worth choice. eSkde is reliable name brand and well-known, especially in around Europe continent.