Best Electric Knife Sharpener UK


Electric knife sharpener are mainly classified according to their grindstone quality, standard accessories, motor performance and how many supporting equipment included. Within this review, we compiled numbers of electric knife sharpeners that varies in quality and capabilities ranging from the most innovative models to the simplest kitchen based sharpening knives.

We also discuss multi-talented electric sharpeners that are trending today for better use by anyone who need to sharpen different tools like plane and chisels in addition to the knives.

These are our picks and best choices for you.

Tormek T-7 and Tormek T-8 (Update: Tormek T-7 has discontinued)

Many of professional DIYers have found the T-7 was a powerful and capable sharpener. It is an all-rounder machine for the most challenging tasks and often used in the industrial scale applications, home applications, busy commercial kitchens and in any other demanding applications. Then, Tormek T-8 is the newly overhauled machine enhanced with lots of revamps in many aspects.

As usual, Tormek offers the most innovative concept of sharpening system in the case of its versatility, accuracy and ease of use along with T-8. The revolutionary grind drive system manages of all sharpening activity at a constant speed even under the full load.

Tormek features the Original Grindstone that sharpens all kind and qualities of steel including the HSS. By elaborating many jig types and accessories, Tormek T-8 can handle most of the steel edges easily. Buying Tormek T-8 is a safe investment in quality and performance. You will never have to put up with “toys tool” ever again!
Best Electric Knife Sharpener UK
As its predecessor, the T-8 is ideal for sharpening cabinet making hand tools, knives, scissors and wood carving, turning tools and much more. All supplied with the most innovative technology in the class.

Tormek T-8 Main Features:

  • Free maintenance 200 W motor industrial single phase 230 V (50 Hz) or 115 V (60 Hz). The motor is durable on continuous work without overheating.
  • The high-quality steel frame that strongly props up the components.
  • Industrial quality motor with ball bearing that provides less vibration and less noise.
  • Smarter and better excretion method with a large water trough and magnetic area for collecting steel particles.
  • 10-inch Original Grindstone for the best sharpening performance.
  • Leather honing wheel for the finest finishing and polishing after you finish sharpening.
  • Comes with ranges of accessories including the upgraded Square Edge Jig (SE-77), Truing and Dressing Tool (TT-50), Stone Grader (SP-650), AngleMaster (WM-200), and Horning Compound.
  • Universal Support with Acme thread
  • Stainless Steel main shaft featuring EzyLock for safer and faster mounting and dismounting the Stonegrinder.
  • High-grade safety system provided with NVR Switch. The switch has important role when you need to interrupt power anytime.
  • Designed for long tools such as chef’s blade.

Benefits of Square Edge Jig SE-77 over the SE-76

Square Jig SE-77 is the Tormek most innovative breakthrough on providing the best system on sharpening plane irons and wood chisels. It replaces the jig SE-76. The square edge jig provides precision and best performance with grinds corners at up to 90 degrees. The feature added is the stop system that increases safety when sharpening. The jig fits all plane irons and wood chisels up to 76-mm or 3-inches wide of the edges. It has a multi-purpose of grinding used with the Universal Support attachment. With the Universal Support placed vertically, it will grind toward the edges. With the Universal Support attachment placed horizontally, it will hone the edge.

Benefits of Truing and Dressing Tool TT-50

No matter of the grindstone surface you expect suiting to your sharpening requirements, the Truing and Dressing TT-50 helps you to true and dress your grindstone exactly round and flat. The attachment mounted and locked on the Tormek’s Universal Support. You can easily adjust the depth as it also guided by the Universal Support. To set the depth of the truing and dressing is even easier as the benefit of the Micro Adjust attachment. The Micro Adjust attachment has the scale measurement for easier measuring the depth you want.

Benefits of Stone Grader SP-650

With the Tormek’s Stone Grinder, you are possible to make grading of the grindstone in the same grinding machine, with the same jig setting and the on the same grindstone. It means you can set the surface grade of the grindstone based on your necessity: for fast grinding or sharpening. The Stone Grinder has two different grades on its both sides. The finest grit stone is approximately 1000 grit and the normal grade is 220 grit. Fortunately, this process can be repeated any number of times.

Benefits of AngleMaster WM-200

AngleMaster WM-200 has two functions. The first function helps you to keep the existing angle of your tool edge so you can sharpen your tool precisely following the current angle. The second function, with the AngleMaster WM-200 you can easily set the new angle of your tool edges into various settings from 10-degree to 75-degree. The AngleMaster has two magnets for easier fixing onto the housing of the machine, so you can define the angle of the edges you want to grind or sharpen in very easy manner.

Tormek T-7 electric knife sharpener is one of the most innovative sharpeners that already expanded its marketing scope worldwide. You can buy this smart and innovative water-cooled sharpener through the official site of Tormek. In addition, you can also buy the machine via Amazon. Handbook and DVD included as your maintenance and setup guide. Adding peace of mind, every Tormek’s innovative water-cooled sharpener comes with 7 years warranty.

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Tormek T-4 Water Cooled Sharpening System

Think that you only need to sharpen knives then you will not have to pay for something you will not use such as the Square Edge Jig SE-T6 as a standard feature in the Tormek T-7. The only differs the Tormek T-4 to the Tormek T-7 is the attachment completeness. Both have the similar preciseness and solid-built quality. However, the T-4 still includes Stone Grader (SP-650), AngleMaster (WM-200), and Honing Compound.
best uk water-cooled knives sharpener
The T-4 is a high-quality machine ideal for home and hobby work. It can sharpen all the common edge tools such as all types of kitchen knives. For further needs of sharpening plane irons or chisels, you can obtain the jig separately.
Buying for the Tormek T-4 is a big investment on quality and performance as you will get the best electric knife sharpener on a single purchase. T-4 features a high-quality industrial class single phase 120 W durable and low noise motor with maintenance free ball-bearing mechanism. It supports for the home-based voltages spanning from 230 V (50 Hz) or 115 V (60 Hz).

Tormek T-4 also features a smart design with sleeves for the Universal Support making provide high precision when sharpening. The model equipped with a strong handle for easier moving the machine.

One more difference to the T-7 model, the T-4 equipped with smaller Original Grindstone diameter (8-inches) featuring EzyLock for faster and easier mounting and dismounting the grindstone. First-time users will find it very easy to operate and maintain. Handbook and DVD included as the reference.

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Chef’s Choice Commercial 2000 Knives Sharpener

We put the Chef’s Choice in our list as it one of the most popular electric knife sharpeners around UK. The Commercial 2000 knives sharpener boast a simple and practical design make it a must available tool for any type of kitchens – home or busy commercial kitchens like in restaurants, hotels, and much more. The Chef’s Choice Commercial 2000 is a handy sharpener tool built-in with 2-stage sharpening system suited for most of the on-demand applications. It supports to all types of European and Western Knife blades with serrated or straight edges. It also supports for all types of pocket knives. Its main features are including a durable electric motor, precision angle guides and lightweight compact design.
chef's choice knife sharpener review
The 2-stage sharpening system features high-degree diamond abrasive in Stage 1 and finest honing disks in Stage 2 for that make your knives razor blade sharp. For each of the Chef’s Choice electric sharpener provided with spare part ensuring that you can easily find the replacement part for the long-last of uses.

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Triton TWSS10 Whetstone Sharpener

Triton TWSS10 is an all-around sharpening machine offered at a very affordable price. The machine has a high-quality diamond grindstone combined with Triton’s whetstone that produces a polished and razor-sharp edge on your knives and other cutting and shaping tools like scissor, chisels and other tools. The leather-honing wheel gives the finest finish for your hand tools. You can use it in conjunction with the honing compound for the best finish. Triton TWSS10 can sharpen without overheat as the benefit of its water-cooled and slow speed system.
best knife sharpener review uk
You can sharpen any types of blade – straight and serrated blades – precisely to the angle required with the help of support arm, jig and angle guide. The grindstone supplied has the already pre-dressed and it is ready to use. However, you can redress the diamond grindstone easily with the provided stone grader.

Triton TWSS10 supplied with 120W long-lasting motor. The rubber feet supplied to keep the machine steady where ever you put. The rubber feet also reduce the vibration, so you can focus on sharpening.

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Chef’s Choice Model 120 Electric Knife Sharpener

This is the Model 120 from Chef’s Choice, the knife sharpener suited for many types of knives including butcher knives, serrated knives, straight knives, chef knives, and sporting knives. With this small machine, you will no longer need for a professional sharpening service. Its compact design makes it easy to operate even for the first timer. Chef’s Choice Model 120 features three-stage precision sharpening system. It incorporates Chef’s Choice diamond coated disks in Stage 1 and 2 for shaping razor-sharp edges. Then the polishing disk in Stage 3 is for the incomparable yield of sharpness and durability.
chef's choice sharpener uk
It supports all types of European and Western knife blades. The model also recommended for the re-conditioning heavily worked knives. The model is ready to use for UK consumer as it already fitted with the UK plug.

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Chef’s Choice 1520 Diamond Hone Angle Select Electric Knife Sharpener

This is smart supplement tool for your kitchen power tools. The model 1520 sharpens both European and Asian knife blades. Asian knives commonly have approximately 15-degree of blade angle while the most European/North American knives are generally having 20-degree of blade angle. Chef’s Choice 1520 will sharpen all of those types of knives. Asian blades come in various shapes such as double-edged, single edged and thick bladed. The European/North American has four major knives type: straight and serrated edges, pocket and sporting knives.
The Chef’s Choice 1520 has a unique sharpening system for those of all mentioned blades. The 100% diamond abrasive sharpener delivers high sharpening performance without softening effect to the blades because it doesn’t generate heat. The entire of Chef’s Choice electric sharpeners equipped with such of the innovative system. The model equipped with the UK plug type, so the machine is ready to use once arrived.

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Scheppach TiGer 2000s 240 V Sharpening and Honing System

Scheppach TiGer 2000s’ plastic housing, makes another good sense, especially for the money. There is a high quality grinding stone, and range of accessories to consider from this sharpener machine. If the construction is not your priority from this machine, but as long as you crave a freedom to sharpen any types of knives, plane irons or chisels, this machine is an ideal pick especially for those limited with the budget. With proper use and setting, it will survive for upcoming several years on normal applications.
cheap sheppach knives electric sharpener
Scheppach TiGer 2000s features sharpening and honing system featuring honing compound applications for the best sharpening performance. The K220 Grit Stone fitted for super fine sharpening. The model also comes with two jigs and an angle guide for your freedom to sharpen the edges on the preferred angles.

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Chef’s Choice Model 220 Hybrid Knife Sharpener

Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener model 220 is a small but useful gadget you can use it for a supplement power tool or ready-to-use equipment close to your kitchen. Chef’s Choice Model 220 is has a unique semi-automated blades sharpener. It uses electric-motor driven grindstone wheel in the Stage 1 that sharpen the edges of your knives than manual re-sharpening and honing method on Stage 2.
cheap electric knives sharpener
This is the simplest knife sharpener system suited for straight and serrated knives. With the hybrid small machine, you can sharpen the knives with no hassle, then continue to hone them with so little effort.

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