Best Battery Powered Garden Blower Models UK

Feel free to roam entire lawn with a battery powered garden blower.

There are several things you can list for reasons when considering a cordless blower could be the side of versatility, undemanding weight, and easiness to operate. We give emphasis you could pick a cordless model only after reading many resources on battery powered garden blower buying guides including this blog entry.

Best Battery Powered Garden Blower Models UKThe best battery powered garden blower is not everything as other say, but you can count it seriously under particular conditions such as when you face many obstacles in your lawn or when you need to reach the far corner of your properties. It also frees you from hassle maintenance that prone to the gas counterparts. No fumes, no oils and no cable extension are the other aspects you can count. In the case of performance and speed quality, most of the cordless garden leaf blowers are equal to the corded counterparts – while petrol is the most powerful.

Most of them fall short in the case of running time, which typically run for less than 60 minutes. In maximum blowing speed, they often run shorter than anybody could expect. For this particular reason, if you have to buy one of them, considering a backup battery is necessary for an unbeatable blowing leaf without any barriers.

All of us know, battery powered garden blowers are more popular than ever. The newer generations of cordless blowers are smarter with better battery quality. The advent of Lithium-Ion battery into a garden power is good news for every gardener and DIY enthusiasts. Lithium-Ion battery comes with better technology than Ni-Cad that was used by many old-fashioned garden blower and other cordless garden power tools. Li-Ion is faster to recharge, 50% lighter and has less memory effect that keeps the battery delivers consistent power outputs through the entire cycle of use.

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More Advice

It is a plus with the model comes with interchangeable battery

In nowadays, many of cordless garden powers use an interchangeable battery pack. In an instance, you buy Bosch ALB 36 LI Cordless 36 V and you can use its standard battery on other supported Bosch garden powers like Bosch Rotak 32 mower 36V or other machine powered by Bosch 36V battery.

Other things to consider

Variable speed vs. Fixed speed: With variable speed function you can easily adjust the preferred blowing power depending on debris conditions (thickness, wet, damp, etc) and garden or lawn surface. The models with fixed speed may consume more power and have less running time.

Design plays important role in the way you achieve the most comfortable handling position and feels. Most of best battery powered garden blower on the market today boast ergonomic design.

Year of production: You don’t be tricked with the sale and closeout price. We recommend you always check on the latest models, as they often come with newer features and revamps. Also, beware of the old models as they stop providing spare parts.

However, the pro doesn’t always put brand awareness as their top priority, but a good quality product often time mined from the top-rated company. Indeed, a stellar company name doesn’t always produce the similar quality output on their product ranges. From those available stellar names of blower you can find in the market, it is useful to set perimeter by looking first at popular model names.

The best battery powered garden blower doesn’t always ideal to blow dry & dump leaves. You can find the best model that ideal for both tasks of blowing.

Maximum speed gives you mark how powerful your blower it is. The higher km/h is better. The model equipped with variable speed setting allows you set the blowing speed in given range (different brand may have different speed setting).

The last thing to consider is the total weight of the machine unit after installing the battery. Pick the right weighed model that fit your arm strength. Re-think of the weight if you plan to do some work in prolonged time.

5 Best Selling Battery Powered Garden Blower in the UK

We sorted five models of best battery powered garden blower you can afford in reasonable price. Most of them have already used by million homeowners and DIY enthusiast across the world. Find out more details about each of product below.

Bosch ALB 36 LI

Provide you with a great way of long-life investment, the ALB 36 LI packs alluring feature, strength, performance and power. It uses Bosch 36V battery pack, which allows you to use interchangeably with other Bosch power tools. If you already own another Bosch 36V power tools, you can increase their life and performance by adding a standard battery that you purchase along with the garden blower ALB 36 LI. That’s the first good news.

Continue reviewing the ALB 36 LI competence on helping you tidying up your garden from leaves fall, occasionally or daily basis in autumn, it has sort of great features to consider. First thing up, it comes with the smart battery that provides you working on maximum speed (250 km/h) up to 35 minutes. In the lowest blowing speed (170 km/h), it can save you working in uninterrupted 55 minutes. When you run out of the power, send back the battery into the charger and it only takes 2 hours to get back.

Brilliant for the regular basis, as the unit only weighed at only 2.8 kg helping you reducing strain.

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Worx WG568E

This is not new from Worx, but until today, many eyes stare on it and love it. Battery replacement and charger are easy to find. It set the maximum speed up to 230 km/h. To suit various needs, you can lower and raise the speed through an easy control. One outstanding benefit provided by the tool is the angled nose that provides high speed blowing at awkward space like under garden furniture or decking.

The WG568E paired with a 40V Li-Ion battery gives you chance up to 20 minutes uninterrupted blowing. It needs only approximately 1 hour or less on recharge. The battery is also interchangeable with other Worx 40V cordless tools.

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Worx WG549E

Rated smaller in output performance, this handy tool from Worx is ideal for speeding up the clearance leaves. We read the manual book and stated there if the tool is not designed to blow leaves from large grassy areas, nor move damp leaves and heavy debris. The WG549E blows at speed of 190 km/h and doest variably adjusted so you will work on that speed all the time.

Thanks to the Worx’s Powershare battery system, it uses an interchangeable 20V 2.0Ah that also works on other Worx’s 20V-powered tools. Paired to the WG549E garden blower, it will run smoothly up to 20 minutes without interruption. Always been part of the Worx’s blower is the angled nose useful to reach awkward or tight spots like inside car, under furniture, etc.

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The DCV100-XJ is a high-quality garden blower recommended for individuals who top priorities are including power, speed, battery performance, versatility and free-stress design. An 80m/s or equal to 288 km/h air speed gives a blistering blow ideal for quick sweeping foliage and heavy debris. The cordless convenience backed up by a 18V Li-ion battery pack that runs out up to 35 minutes of forced work (the battery sold separately). Users have a freedom to pair the DCV100-XJ with higher Ahrs capacity of the battery, as the model is compatible with all of Dewalt XR battery packs. The higher Ahrs capacity means come with longer running time.

What makes it very versatile to tackle different applications, it supplied with nozzle extension, round nozzle as well as inflator/deflator attachment. Now worries on prolonged tasks, as the unit is only weighed at 1.3 kg.

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Draper 75220

We like Draper a lot, as it offers a one-for-all concept of through its 18V tools range. The 75220 battery powered garden blower uses a common 2.0Ah Li-Ion battery, which is interchangeable to other Draper’s garden power tools like hedge trimmer and grass trimmer. Here is where you can save lots of money on collecting garden power tools. As other name brands offering the similar concept, Draper has been offering high-quality tools for more than 90 years in the UK. Indeed, in addition to its stellar names, buyers still can find a huge gap in term pricing (less than £100).

The 75220 produces 205 km/h (57 m/s) air-speed ideal for regular job sites clean-ups. With ideally sized tube length (300 mm), it delivers great blowing performance, especially for dry leaves and debris. For the money, the 75220 is an excellent garden blower.

Last update was in: February 19, 2021 3:44 am

The Verdict

Remembering all aspects of we could tell above, you can quickly jump to the Bosch ALB 36 LI considering of brand awareness, functionalities & capabilities, running hours and weight. Other than if you only need the best battery powered garden blower occasionally, then the rest in the list are also worth considering.