Tech-Savvy Gardeners 20 Top Must Have Garden Gadgets

Tech-Savvy Gardeners 20 Top Must Have Garden Gadgets

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Now you can say good bye to the tiring and time-consuming process of getting a perfect garden with these special garden gadgets. There so many new garden gadgets available for tech-savvy DIY to embrace, making chores at around garden even easier and more enjoyable. The range is from stuff that helps you organizing, smart devices and wearable that turn you into new modern good life, as well as complementary technologies that help you share and talk similar hobby with your friends.

What’s more surprising, all of the listed garden gadgets over here are available in the market today and available to purchase. Happy hunting!

Robotic Mower

You know that, keeping green and tidy lawn need more courage rather than just enthusiastic. Grass needs to be manicured periodically to keep them healthy and shiny. To keep them done, need your time and effort or money. The robotic mower can automate some of the chores and let you do something else.

With robotic mower, you will never cut the grass or empty the grass box anymore. All you need is to set the perimeters (the most common is the boundary wires) and prepare a charging station for the mower. It will recharge itself when out of power and back working based on the scheduled task determined by you.

There is the name of leading brands to mentions, but here is one of the best for money.

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Dummy CCTV

Fighting the crooks from touching our property could be the strong reason why we need dummy CCTV. Then why not get the real one? That’s even better but with more cost of operation. Dummy CCTV is still working especially if you know the trick. The only work-best trick is only with best professional CCTV dummy camera. Its authentic design is almost distinguishable to the real one. Just try!

We suggest you pick the model that has solar panel automatic-powering the unit, so you don’t anymore need for cabling installation and hassle maintenance. Ex-Pro Solar Dummy CCTV is our recommendation today. It is available in various size and models.

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Kneeler or Garden Rolling Seats

Long-time stooping or kneeling in the garden can cause a serious health problem. Smart gardeners know where to go to avoid the risk, which is using kneeler or garden rolling seats. They come in various capacity and materials quality. Some of them also come with organizer and padded seat making doing chores more comfortable.

Kneeler or rolling garden seat is a cheap small kit but very useful. In this previous post, we have compiled numbers of best rolling garden seats. For the kneeler, you can consider the model from Ohuhu which you can browse directly through the link below. This is awesome foldable garden kneeler come with tool pouch as a bonus.

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Ultrasonic Pests Deterrent

Don’t let cat, rabbit and dog make a mess in your beautiful garden. To stop them fouling your garden you need such or deterrent like netting, special fences, or chemical powder. However, that’s the past time. Now you can have better alternative taking benefit of smarter and innovative ultrasonic wave.

Ultrasonic wave in certain frequencies will scare the pests from approaching. It works in a natural manner without damaging or harming the human’s health.

For British condition, here is one of the best solutions from Pest XT. It is available in single or twin pack model, making it perfect for almost UK garden size.

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Gardening Apps for Smartphone

Smartphone facilitates users to install various applications and software. Serious gardeners won’t miss free or cheap gardening course and ideas from vast growing today’s Android and iPhone apps. There are tons of gardening apps you can start a download and install today.

An instance of awesome gardening apps for Android is Garden Manager: Plant Alarm and DIY Garden Ideas. Both are free to install. If you are running iOS, the two examples of useful gardening apps are the Moon Gardening and Garden Compass.

In addition to the apps that serving tips and tricks, there are also special apps for garden photos sharing via special apps. Most of them are free too.

To start getting the apps, visit Google Play Store or App Store from your Smartphone.

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Special Wearable

Think that you are working with various activities while gardening like trimming, pruning, or cutting a small tree. In particular occasion, special wearable is required like chainsaw boot, protective chainsaw gloves, waterproof jacket, cool hat, or garden apron.

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Smart Weed Killer

Today you will find the smarter way of killing the weed in the patio, path or any unwanted weed around home and garden. Chemical application is a good way, but they come with unhealthy consequence to the living organism around it. Thermal weeder is the smarter solution to control weeds without the need of the chemical application.

The tool delivers a thermal shock to the weed and destroys the plant in just a few seconds for life time. Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder has a unique precision system that capable to keep the other plants surround the weed safely. You can check the product details and specifications right now.

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Wireless Headphone + Mic

If you don’t want to get far away from your friends and family while doing a hobby, wireless headset with Mic is a must have garden gadgets. Wireless gives you freedom of roaming entire garden. Nicely, there are smaller stereo Bluetooth Earbuds built to the last with the sweat-proof feature. Good sound quality is also the foremost consideration. Here is the instance of amazing headset for sweaty outdoor activities.

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Automate Your Irrigation System

This is sound like too excessive, but you do really need automatic solutions for the most efficient garden water management. The cost to spend to establish automatic irrigation system will vary depending on the garden size, plant size to water and your existing main watering route installed around your home. To get the simple one, you can try using standard irrigation system with watering timer. For a complete solution, you can get a package of an automatic watering solution as just offered by Hozelock Easy Drip Universal Kit as below.

Last update was in: July 7, 2020 8:17 pm

The system offered by Hozelock Easy Drip Universal Kit above will only work for small watering system coverage in the vegetable garden. You can easily expand the system by purchasing other Hazelock watering solutions like hose end connector, T pieces, and etc.

One another from KIND DO WAY is amazing water drip irrigation kits that help you automate your watering system even easier with awesome 92 M hose length you can set manually. Very adaptable to any garden size.

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Efficient Garden Lighting

There are many benefits of putting the lamp in the garden. It will increase the safety of your outdoor property while the sun goes down and gives extra additional light to some specific plants that require more lights when the season changed.

Save the electricity consumption to stay glowing with the latest lighting technology that seizes solar energy to fluorescent. Solar powered LED lighting, moreover, is the more effective and efficient alternative. Here is one example of the best product.

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Multi-Purpose Wheelbarrow

Keep loading without limited moving with a multi-purpose wheelbarrow. Key features to look for are including bag attachment, trolley, snow plough attachment, wagon kit attachment and much more. The complete attachment will be better helping you moving plant, fertilizer, pot, or other gardening tools and materials.

Make sure you pay attention to the weight distribution system and heavy loading system offered. In addition, also pay attention of how you can convert into different kind of attachment and functions. One of the best models is here.

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Thorn-Proof Gardening Gloves

There are many of unexpected material cause scratches and bleed from your gardening activity. Imagine how you will work safely around your rose shrubs without any hand protection? That could be terrible. Here are what you always need, the thorn-proof special garden gadgets.

Work safely and comfortably without worrying of spines stab your finger.

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Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle

Working under the UV heat in the summer can be very nice activity; it’s so sweaty, healthy and exciting. While that’s for prolonged work, you need a full preparation to keep the body in balance. Don’t let the sun hit dehydrate you faster and you need this kind of something special: stainless steel water bottle.

The stainless steel technology is unique. It can save your cool drink stay cool and your hot drink stays hot for the given period of time. When the water is not enough jazzy to assist you to stand in the garden full day, so you can look another alternative to drink like lemon juice or wine?

Don’t get wrong with the fake stainless steel drinking bottle, and here is the good quality one.

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Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes attack like savages in a day light! Don’t let them distract your focus and stop the biting right now. Remembering your garden area may vary in width, and then it is harder to control unless from nearing your skin itself. One more important thing, the repellent should not impede your gardening activities.

We found a great product of mosquito repellent proven for its effectiveness to protect you in 2 x12 hours.

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Soil Testing Kit

Know your garden soil state quickly and you can fully control the need for plants and vegetable, so growing is proper and flowering or harvest always on schedule. Tech-savvy will make sure the state of main nutrients availability and pH level of the soil, so immediate treatment could be established at the right time.

Major nutrients in the soil are including Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash. pH is the acidity level of the soil. Each has a vital role to keep the plant healthy. The dark green colour of leaves might indicate that the soil contains too much nitrogen that invites diseases and weakens the plants. Then you can control it by lowering the N unsure on fertilizer while feeding the soil for next time.

A professional soil testing kit helps you do all of the tests.

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Weatherproof Extension Cable Reel

Pulling the cord into the garden is our current contemporary tradition. We have electric air-pump, mower, watering system and so on. Without abandoning the safety in the garden environment we require a more promising cable installation. The new more affordable way option is by using extension cable reel.

The good sort of them can be placed in the garden temporarily as they equipped with more advanced technology like weatherproof socket, IP rated case reel, and thermal cut-out protection.

If you plan to buy online, you can consider one of the following high-quality cable extensions with automatic reel system.

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Heavy Duty Auto Reel Hose

garden hose reelHose always be a must-have gardening partners. Using the standard model will encounter you in difficulties while rolling, moving and setting up for particular tasks. Throw them back in the garage and get the newer model that helps save your time and effort.

One of the models you may require is the hose that puts itself away, heavy-duty and free on kink. This kind of hose with auto reel system should have strong spring that automatically retracts the hose. Extras and features can be the second consideration like various watering system fittings, wall mounting option, and child lock system.

If you wish all of the features you need to check this one from Hazelock.

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Composting Tumbler

Go green and go green! Is that’s sound exciting to you? Modern people, they are now struggling to set back their mind into the healthier and organic planting for free-dangerous-chemical contamination food and more humane and environmentally-friendlier farming and gardening solutions.

Japanese is the leading country developing massive organic agriculture since decades ago and the result has been impressive. They eat from their healthier farm!

After then, there are so many finding invented like the use of EM (effective micro-organism) through fermentation process on making organic fertilizer, which now known as Bokashi composting. Bokashi composting is a very scalable and practical. You can make it by yourself in the small capacity.

The first thing to start on making Bokashi compost is the composting tumbler and the starter microbes (EM). There are many organic materials to compost like kitchen wastes, foliages, hedge clippings, tissue, and much more. After a short process of fermentation, the organic materials turned into nutrient rich organic fertilizer.

Fortunately, there are newer free-frustrating Bokashi makers, designed for gardeners and homeowner. Most of the current models are lightweight made from a plastic tumbler, with a simple rotating system that speed-up the fermentation process.

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Trail Cam

You need to capture special occasions from your garden such as perched butterfly, flower blossom or your plant growing phases. The trail camera will stand in at your garden and do the job capturing or recording these moments. Trail camera has a special design to camouflage in entire day and nights during a week or month without anybody cognition.

The time lapse feature helps you simplify capturing the moment in the defined time interval. You catch the idea and this is an awesome garden gadget to have.

They are waterproof and weatherproof, so let them sit at outdoor without worrying about damage because of cold weather or rain. Here is one of the recommended models.

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Smart Garden Gadgets Plant Monitor

See uncertain cause why your plants were dying? Without the need of being traditional trial & error and time-consumer examiner, with smart plant monitor kit you are able to be garden master only in a few days. Smart plant monitor has a unique system that will inform you the state of your plants immediately taking benefit of the massive and advanced database. The more advanced models can recognize the type of plants including their necessity in the phase of growth.

There are many models to choose in the market with varying connectivity mechanism: downloadable data, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The smarter also make you possible to see the live feed from your Smartphone (Android and iPhone).

Smart plant monitoring kit provides you visual data in various measurements unit like in LUX for light, Celsius for temperature and hPa for measuring atmospheric condition. Newer models also come with extra measurement units like major nutrient test and humidity of soil moisture.

Here are two great examples:

Image source: wetwebwork [^1]