Best UK Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Elderly


Best UK Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Elderly

Finding good lightweight upright vacuum cleaner is surprisingly not an easy matter. You can see there are plenty around, but many of them are only good by design and not the quality. In order to find sort of lightweight vacuum cleaner, we have conducted lots of research online. The lightweight vacuum cleaner provided in this review, all of them are the upright models.

Quick List of Best UK Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Elderly

I understand that since your first time searching on a vacuum today you were faced with plenty choices on it. One of the most logical reasons, upright vacuum cleaners is the increasingly popular models today. In the past we might be faced with two options: upright is for carpet and canister is for hard floor. The condition is very different today. Upright vacuum cleaners, almost all of them already fitted with an array of attachment and accessories assortment to do multiple jobs. The newest models are also convertible from upright to handheld. That’s the point.

You might hear that upright vacuum cleaners are prone to the weight, and most of them are hard to move. However, with the weight less than or around 5 kilograms, most of them are also light enough for most people to carry even for elderly. If you are trying to narrow down your options in this category, then you come to the right place. We’ve compiled the best sort of the lightweight upright vacuum cleaners from the well-known brands like Vax, Dyson, Shark, Morphy Richard and Beldray. None the reviewed here is having weight more than 5 kilograms.

With no prior to the list order, here are the best lightweight upright vacuum cleaners. With these options, you can easily adjust your priority whether for budget-friendliness or completeness.

Best Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaners Under 5 Kg

Morphy Richards Supervac Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Approx 3.9 kg)

Morphy Richards 732000 is a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner offered at a very reasonable price. Two-in-one is the great first benefit you can take from the model that is transformable from upright to a handheld. In upright mode, this is a perfect vacuum for those quick cleaning on various floors type including carpet, stairs as well as the hard floor. In handheld mode, it gives you the versatility to clean up hard to reach areas. Crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery brush are the assortment of handy accessories included for use in the handheld mode. It means you can pick up the dry spell in the kitchen, and dust. It has also a roller brush to pick up pet hairs from any surface around your home or inside a car.

Morphy Richards 732000 offers an incredible running time on a full charge that reaches up to 20 minutes. Powering the unit is a 14 V long last battery. What makes it super easy to manoeuvre, is the benefit of the smart model’s design that weighed at only 3.9 kg. For a perfect storage solution, it has fitted with a collapsible handle.

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Shark Rocket True Pet Ultra-Light Handstick Vacuum Cleaner (Approx 3.53 kg)

Shark Rocket Ultra Light True Pet Vacuum Cleaner has numbers of good features and values. This is one of the fully equipped lightweight vacuum cleaners available in the market. It equipped with multifunction extras for tackling everyday chores around the house. Whether you want vacuuming in hard-floor mode or carpet mode, both can be done in an easy manner through a single-click touch button switch. You can also switch the unit from upright to the handheld mode easily. The two-speed brush roll helps you cleaning carpets, bare floors and rugs areas without forcing you into the hassle. In handheld mode, you can even reach the awkward corners, sofas and under furniture.

Thanks to the swivel steering, makes it smooth to manoeuvre. For cleaning the hard floor, this model comes standard with a Dust-Away Hard Floor Attachment, which makes it one-step forward smarter compared to the other models. A homeowner with a pet they can take benefit of the Shark’s True Pet motorized brush, specially designed for pet hair stray on any surface.

Shark Rocket Ultra Light True Pet Vacuum Cleaner is a corded-electric lightweight upright vacuum cleaner. It has stronger performance when compared to the cordless counterparts.

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Beldray BEL0427 2-in-1 Handheld Quick Vac Lite Vacuum Cleaner (Approx 2.9 kg)

Looking at the given price and specification, finally, we decided Beldray BEL0427 2-in-1 lightweight upright vacuum cleaner for review. Beldray BEL0427 attracts people’s attention with its smart design and powerful suction rating. This corded-vacuum fitted with a robust 500W electric motor that will pick up even the smallest particles around your home. It has a built-in cyclonic technology for the finest cleaning results.

One clever feature that almost required by elderly is the extendible pipe. They can accomplish quick cleaning the floor without having to bend down. Again, looking at the price, it already includes some extras like a crevice tool and brushes beneficial to reach corners and awkward areas.

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Shark Rocket Stick Vacuum Cleaner with DuoClean Technology (Approx 4.5 kg)

No more big challenge for elderly tackling the daily routine. Around the house there maybe pet hair, debris, and dust. Again, one superb model from Shark is here. Although it is a bit heavier than the previous in the list, Rocket Stick offers DuoClean technology that makes suction more powerful.

It also features hand-held mode so you can easily convert from a stick mode for such stairs or sofa cleaning. Plus, the slim design and wall-mounted storage could save lots of space in the room.

To access cramped space, the model has also equipped with a flexible crevice tool.

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Vax TBTTV1P1 Cordless Slim Vac (Approx 2 kg)

The less in weight, but with more suction power, still, it offered at a very competitive price. Vax TBTTV1P1 cordless lightweight upright vacuum cleaner is an ideal pick for elderly or anybody with limitation to pick up the burden. Vax TBTTV1P1 offers a whopping 24 minutes of running time on a full charge make it quite long to operate. The model supports for cleaning any type of floors: rugs areas, hard floors and carpets.

The goodness also comes from the quick transition mechanism from upright to handheld mode. The Three-in-one tool supplied to those quick cleaning, stair cleaning, pet hair cleaning, quick spills cleaning and dust. Interchangeably you can fit the unit with either of crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle or dusting brush for specific cleaning demands.

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